Secret #3: Good Health

Secret #3:  GOOD HEALTH

When selecting quality pigeons, always select “Good Health.”  There can be no sound foundation without it.  Healthy pigeons produce healthy young that will race well.  This is an undisputable fact.



Secret #3: Good Health By Bob Prisco

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11 thoughts on “Secret #3: Good Health

  1. And, this is another “truth”! no matter what they cost, or where ya got ’em. If they’re not healthy, it’s NOT HAPPINING!

  2. Charles is right – only breed the naturally healthy ones.
    Temporary health boosts from medicines are temporary – well said

  3. Good health must be bred into your birds by strict culling of sickly birds, not by trying to get them well with medicines and antibiotics. Immune systems are acquired over long periods of breeding natural health to natural health. Temporary health boosts from medicines are temporary and work contrary to naturally acquired health from strict culling. Just my two cents— charles

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