*Video* Hawk Control

Hawk Control

In this video John shows us some of his secrets he uses to keeping the hawks away from his birds. These are neat tricks that you can start using right now in your own loft to help control the hawks.


Hawk Control by John Glemser

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40 thoughts on “*Video* Hawk Control

  1. To keep hawks away, I always buy chicken eggs to set out in my yard to attract crows. Now crows hang around my yard. If I forget to set out two eggs on any given day, the crows start hollering at me when I walk about the yard to remind me. I set out extra pigeon eggs as well. Also, I set off bottle rockets whenever I see a hawk land nearby; they leave the area immediately. I will try the cd’s as well.
    Mikey V.

    1. That’s what I do and it works like You won’t believe what the crows do hang out and wait for them eggs and they do scream a lot if you don’t give them to him at one time I had over 20 crows hanging around it’s amazing and great idea

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