Show Us Your Loft

Show Us Your Loft! We love seeing what our members are doing around the world. Post a picture of your loft and share it with the Pigeon Insider Community. Look forward to seeing them. Click here to post your loft…

*Video* Tour of a Pigeon Racing Loft

Racing Pigeon Loft Here is a great video tour of a racing loft, you will see how the loft is seperated in youngbirds, oldbirds and breeders. This is a fantastic video so click the video below to watch it now.

Loft Construction and Design

Loft Construction and Design In order for your race teams to perform well, the construction of your pigeon loft should reflect the type of race management system that you teach in Pigeon School.  The following Basic Loft Design is based…

Space Age Ventilation – Loft Atmosphere

Space Age Ventilation – Loft Atmosphere On a visit ten years ago the Hungary to the city of Kaposyar, I met the well known German pigeon photographer Gerhard Schlepphorst. Several times we talked at length about which fanciers in Germany…

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