What Do You Think is The Current State of Pigeon Racing?

This weeks discussion of the week is…

What do you think the current state of pigeon racing is?

For example do you think pigeon racing is growing or dying and why, express your views and share with others your opinions on the current state of pigeon racing by placing your vote in the poll below then posting a comment in the comment section below this post.

What do you think is the current state of pigeon racing and pigeon keeping?

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644 thoughts on “What Do You Think is The Current State of Pigeon Racing?

  1. I have being racing pigeons for 50 years and when I started there was a 100 flyers state wide. Now there is no flyers on Maui and no flyers on the Big island. They still raise racing pigeons but not active. On Oahu we have 28 active flyers . Most of the old timers are gone and very few new guys joining different pigeon clubs.So to answer your question, yes it’s dying.Many reasons why. I think you know the answer.

  2. People are trying to keep pigeon racing a secret. We need to advertise ,encourage the youth and help one another along! New people are discouraged because seasoned fanciers just want to sell/give them their cull pigeons. Cull pigeons need to find a meat market just like sheep,goats,cattle,and pigs! Until we as pigeon fanciers fix this problem we will never see new fanciers become seasoned fanciers. Making friends is more important than racing or selling any pigeon! Without friends in the sport who would we race against or gain knowledge from to share with our youth? A club full of friends is much better than a loft full of ace pigeons!

  3. Back yard pigeon racing for anyone with the time and resources seldom have the financial resources to compete at a club level. Costs of timers, loft, feed, and upkeep. Along with gasoline costs to train, etc., very few young people, who would be the backbone of future club racing simply cannot afford to dedicate all their earnings to the hobby when it seldom reaps any rewards except a piece of paper saying they had a bird that did well. Love for the birds alone is not a strong incentive. One loft races will thrive, but no one can swear that they are being run on the up-and-up anymore. Greed has taken over in most of those.

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