What Do You Think is The Current State of Pigeon Racing?

This weeks discussion of the week is…

What do you think the current state of pigeon racing is?

For example do you think pigeon racing is growing or dying and why, express your views and share with others your opinions on the current state of pigeon racing by placing your vote in the poll below then posting a comment in the comment section below this post.

What do you think is the current state of pigeon racing and pigeon keeping?

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639 thoughts on “What Do You Think is The Current State of Pigeon Racing?

  1. I think the racing Homers sport is big all over the world in different countries I’ve been flying pigeons all my life it one peace of mind I love racing Homers because of the part they play in the war and there Very smart they can fly back from anywhere

  2. I am just starting back with the pigeons,
    I haven’t been involved directly with them, but I have kept in contact with my friends that have them.
    But for what I hear is there isn’t many young people taking interest in the sport.

  3. Although the sport is in decline in this country from a club point of view, I take some comfort in the growth of the sport in China. Whilst many of us believe todays youngsters are no longer interested in out door hobbies , preferring to spend time on IT related interest, i believe the same barriers were also there in China. I would like to know what has made the sport so popular in China and if some of those reasons could be adopted in this country. I know money is one of the reasons for the popularity over there with large prizes, but not everyone of those fanciers will get benefit from this, so there must be others. I hope like many other crazes in China, pigeon racing in China , becomes on our youngsters radar and sparks new interest.

  4. In my country the awtoritys dosent help to build a pigeon loft it’s to much difficult. The game it’s getting much expensive. New fanciers none except someone he was with the pigeon hobby and again he will start again racing.

  5. In the Philippines, number of fanciers have doubled at the onset of pandemic. The number is still growing and going strong since a lot of clubs are offering good prizes which even the smallest of fanciers are coveting to win.
    Quality of pigeons had been once the issue if you want to win races but nowadays fanciers of all levels owns pigeons of all pedigrees and bloodlines. We have the Bio Pigeons offering imported pigeon lines which can be bought at low cost P1000 for a young bird (less than $20) that can compete up to the National Levels.
    Also, the slow return of cockfighting is one of contributory factor in the rise of pigeon racing in the Philippines, a lot of afficionados are now into breeding and racing pigeon competing locally and internationally (One Loft Races).
    Filipinos love of animals, whether it be pets or for sport, pride and sense of competence, pigeon racing is here to stay.

  6. I am new I really don’t know what to say, when I was growing up, I used to see in Racinpigeons all the time. Did not know what they were. Now I’m 67 and I think they’re neat.

  7. Really don’t know, quit flying in 1995, hope it’s growing and hopefully one day I’ll get back into flying pigeons again

  8. I was once in a season 2021 North Derby Race ..i really enjoy this hobby..my pigeon my stress aligthen my day. am really having fun with this sports..
    it seems this sport are dying because of avian influenza..where some of the fanciers, beginners are quitting…here in Philipines there are other one or two clubs can only play while most of the club can’t do nothing but to wait..the reason most of the clubs were closing..

    1. Edwin. You being from the Philippines. I was wondering if you ever got a chance to see the billboard of a pigeon in lights saying along the top of the billboard, Tony Melucci
      In lights
      Just wondering cause I know the story behind the billboard, and why it was put up

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