What Do You Think is The Current State of Pigeon Racing?

This weeks discussion of the week is…

What do you think the current state of pigeon racing is?

For example do you think pigeon racing is growing or dying and why, express your views and share with others your opinions on the current state of pigeon racing by placing your vote in the poll below then posting a comment in the comment section below this post.

What do you think is the current state of pigeon racing and pigeon keeping?

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609 thoughts on “What Do You Think is The Current State of Pigeon Racing?

  1. In my area – 2 clubs – it is definatly growing. The reason is immigrants. Both clubs have several new or recently new members from other countries, many with experience and some new to the hobby. All are welcome and have proven to be a positive addition to their respective clubs

  2. It really depends WHERE in the world you are talking about.
    In the UK – the sport is on a decline in the way it has been done for many years – but the One Loft Racing is growing in popularity.
    In the far East – the sport is growing but mainly that is to do with gambling! The Chinese and Taiwanese love to bet on ANYTHING including pigeon racing.
    In England where I live – we need to get more younger peole involved in keeping and racing pigeons the traditional way. But HOW? Quality pigeons have gotten far too expensive for the normal working man to buy – there is NO WAY a baby racing pigeon of 25 to 35 days old is worth any more than £30.00 or $42, let alone a 9 month old pigeon being worth a million dollars or more. There are too many people selling their pigeons at very high prices, prices that the pigeons are just NOT worth paying. The more that people sell worthless pigeons for very high prices, the longer it will take to get any new people interested in starting with racing pigeons. Also pedigrees – there is no way you can make sure the pigeon you buy is the exact same bird as is on the pedigree, unless you pay for a blood test, and most people will not pay for a blood test for most birds. A pedigree can be just a piece of paper with lots of lies written on it – worthless!!
    Bring things back to how they were – young people getting interested in racing pigeons, being helped by those who are already good at the sport and pigeons being sold for realistic prices, is the way forward in my opinion.

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