Who Pigeon Fanciers REALLY are!

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I have been reading many articles and news feeds ever since the news broke that Mike Tyson was getting his own show on animal planet about pigeon racing and I have noticed that some people have been bad mouthing the sport, pigeons and fanciers not to name names (PETA). They have been saying all sorts of things like pigeons are dirty, fanciers mistreat their birds, animal cruelty and so on and so forth. It’s obvious to me that they don’t know this sport and hobby at all nor do they know us fanciers.

So I figured who better to clear our name then US! we have a great group of fanciers here on the www.pigeonracingpigeon.com blog. So post your comments below and tell the rest of the world what pigeon racing really is all about and who we fanciers really are. Tell them how much you love your pigeons and how pigeon racing is a wholesome hobby that involves the entire family, promotes bonding and responsibility just to name a few.

So go ahead and post your comments here and let’s set them straight.

Thanks for your participation.
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86 thoughts on “Who Pigeon Fanciers REALLY are!

  1. Breed racing pigeons, see to it that they are well taken care off, exercise them, send them hundreds of kilometers away to do what they love: to fly back to the loft as fast as they can and to the best of their abilities. To the place that is their home. Grew up in a rather disfuctional household. Couldn’t wait to get and stay away from there. Perhaps there are some lessons to be learned in all of this for some of us human beings……

  2. We fanciers take off our luxuries to keep our pigeons fit and healthy. In each pigeon fancier there is an empirical veterinarian. Our pigeons enjoy excellent health conditions, hygiene and personalized treatment. Pigeons give us infinite pleasure and promote beautiful feelings of affection for these winged animals, to the point of loving them as our children. Pigeon racing is a sport like horse riding or any other sport that includes animals, where perfect health and high-performance preparation and training are required. Pigeon fandom is an invaluable source of friendship, where every day you make new friends both in your closest circles and internationally. Pigeon racing is love with wings….

  3. Ask my wife. My birds are my children and get the same care and love (almost).
    PETA making any accusations again shows they have no understanding of animals and their relationships with humans. They cannot bond, so anyone who does must be cruel in their eyes. They are are blot on real humanity.
    PS- Administrator you can remove this post if you think it might be offensive, it won’t offend me.

  4. Unless you have reared pigeons, you will not really understand why people who love them do. Been doing this for the last two years after I took a break. I had been a huge fan as a kid but here we do not have pigeon racing. We do it for the love of these majestic birds. Keep up the blog. Very informative. -A fancier from Kenya, East Africa.

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