*Video* Pigeons Used to Smuggle Drugs

Pigeons Used to Smuggle Drugs

Here is a pretty interesting news story, even though the pigeons were being used in a bad way it still shows how magnificent these birds are.

Brazilian prison authorities have discovered a new smuggling scheme used in jails. Carrier pigeons are being used to deliver drugs and mobile phones to inmates. Here’s more on this story.

Brazilian prison authorities have recently discovered inmates smuggling in drugs and mobile phones through an unusual channel. The inmates of Sao Paulo state penitentiary were using carrier pigeons to get the goods inside the jail. The prison is located in Marilia, some four hundred fifty kilometers away from the city of Sao Paulo. Inmates were kept under close surveillance when it was discovered they were somehow getting contraband. The jail’s security guards only began to suspect the pigeons had a connection to the increasing amount of drugs and phones inside the cells after they observed some birds were having difficulty in flying. This was confirmed once prison officers found out that some of the birds had small backpacks attached to them. Wanderlei Gatti, a pigeon breeder, believes the prisoners have been taming the birds themselves.

[Wanderlei Gatti, Pigeon Breeder]:
“Someone is breeding these pigeons inside the cells and they are being tamed inside the prison.”

The penitentiary also intensified the search to relatives before weekly visits after a woman was caught leaving the prison with two carrier pigeons inside a box. Investigations later revealed that one of the inmates had managed to tame the birds and make a nest in his cell. The pigeons would then be passed on to people outside the prison through the visitors. Police chief Paulo de Souza said it was surprising that such old-fashioned methods were still being used.

[Paulo de Souza, Police Chief]:
” In the digital era we still find this situation involving post pigeons.”
Carrier pigeons were first used by the Egyptians and the Persians over three thousand years ago.

Pigeons Used to Smuggle Drugs

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