Conclusion – Feed and Medication Programs for Young Birds in Training

Over the past few days we have discussed Bob prisco’s feed and medication program for his young birds during weaning, settling & loft flying and road training. If you missed those articles you can read them by clicking the links below.

=> Weaning feed and medication program
=> Settling and loft flying feed and medication program
=> Road training feed and medication program

You guys sent me alot of questions asking why Bob uses bleach and why he medicates so much, so I asked Bob if he could give us some insight on his young bird feed and medication programs. You can read his response in blue below.

Hi Chris 

The article was written for Taiwan racing and the birds here must fly a 7 race series – 1 race every 7 days and make a minimum  speed for each race. They start with 7000 birds the first week and fly each week until only as few as 1 -50 birds are left.

We must medicate to keep the birds healthy and ready to compete each week – they race for 1 million our money so a lot is at stake.

Look at a few of the commercial breeders here in the states and see what they recommend each week ( mike g.) for medication. NO CHAMPION LOFT CAN COMPETE EACH WEEK WITHOUT MED. ANYBODY THAT TELLS YOU DIFFERENT IS NOT TELLING THE TRUTH.

Do we like to use the med’s?… no, but that is the only way you can stay competitive when you fly against 3-7000 birds each week.

Bleach or any other disinfectant is necessary in Taiwan racing.

I do not sell or make money from any of the products we use – that is what we do and our record speaks for itself- your readers or any other person can look at the information and pick and choose for themselves as what they want to do. When American fanciers import birds from other countries they also import all the problems from that country as well.

If you have any comments you would like to share please post them below.

Conclusion – Feed and Medication Programs for Young Birds in Training by Bob Prisco
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