Pigeon Feeding Schedule Utilizing Raw Peanuts

Pigeon Feeding Schedule Utilizing Raw Peanuts

Pigeon Feeding Schedule Utilizing Raw PeanutsBefore breeding season
keep all breeders on a protein diet of 15-17% grain mixture and an assortment of various grains, 12-18 different types of seed, plus electrolytes, vitamins, minerals in the water 2 times a week. Give fresh grit daily.

30 days before breeding add 21-28% pigeon pellets or poultry pellets to the breeders diet. Place the pellets in a separate feed container, and give the birds free choice.

1 week before the eggs hatch add raw Spanish peanuts (#1 grade for humans) to the breeders diet. Continue to give the peanuts to the breeders until the breeding season is over. 1-2 pounds to 20-25 pair of breeders. Add more peanuts as the young birds get 14 days old.

Weaning period
(young birds 26-30 days old) 15-17% protein mixture, fresh grit and pellets 21-28% protein.

Settling and loft flying
continue the same feed as during the weaning period, plus add extra safflower and raw Spanish peanuts. Feed 2 times a day, morning and evening. 80% feed mixture (15-17%), 10% safflower, 10% raw Spanish peanuts, fresh grit and pellets.

Road training
feed 3 times a day, once in the morning 2 hours before road training, once mid-day, once evening. Feed the birds all they want to eat at each feeding. The birds are always sent to road training with plenty of fuel or gas in their tank. NEVER HUNGRY OR THIRSTY! 70% MIXTURE, 15% SAFFLOWER, 15% PEANUTS, FRESH GRIT AND PELLETS.

One week before the race series starts until the series is over, feed 3 times a day on a regular routine, 60% mixture, 20% safflower, 20% peanuts, grit and pellets. ALL THEY WANT TO EAT!

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Pigeon Feeding Schedule Utilizing Raw Peanuts by Bob Prisco

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14 thoughts on “Pigeon Feeding Schedule Utilizing Raw Peanuts

  1. Hi guys peanuts is good but there are also a lot of fungus on the raw peanut , I put the
    peanut in the microwave for a minute and then let it cool of and feed them on the longer
    races from 700 km to my birds. My idea hope it make sense.


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