*Video* Pigeon Grit Mixing


Dennis from Hawkbait lofts is back and this time he shows us how he mixes his grit. He starts off with a commercial grit mix which consists of Granite, Minerals, Charcoal and Oyster Shell to this he adds…

  • A little more Oyster Shell about 1 cup (excellent calcium source)
  • Then he adds 1 tablespoon of iodized sea salt
  • some more charcoal about 1 cup (really good for the birds blood and system)
  • couple of pinches of sulfur (helps to keep the mesquitos away and lowers the chances for disease)
  • good vitamin and mineral supplement with vitamin D (vitamin D helps the calcium absorb into the body)

Grit is an essential vitamin, mineral and calcuim source for the pigeons as well as helping with digestion and is especially important during rearing.

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