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Hello Pigeon Racing World,

I just wanted to introduce myself; my name is Chris I created The Pigeon Insider to share my pigeon racing passion with the world, and to share my passion with the rest of the pigeon community.  

I personally got interested in pigeons a few years back, my uncle had a pigeon loft and as a kid he used to keep pigeons on the rooftop in brooklyn NY, after moving upstate he built a loft in his backyard and this is where I was first introduced to the world of pigeons. To be completly honest with you I really didn’t understand anything about it and I didn’t even see what he liked about it. Anyway a few months later he purchased a bird from Oklahoma and put it into his loft, about three days later he opened the door to the loft to feed his pigeons and the bird he just bought from oklahoma escaped. About one week later the breeder that he bought the bird off of called my uncle up and said “didn’t I sell you a bird” and he recited the band number my uncle responded “yea but he escaped from my loft last week” and the breeder said “well…he’s back!”
After escaping from my uncles loft in NY, the pigeon flew all the way back to oklahoma! I was completely floored and my passion for pigeons was born. Not only could I not beleive that the pigeon flew that far but it actually found his way all the way home. I was hooked from that moment on.
They really are amazing creatures I know first hand and that is why The Pigeon Insider was created. Please feel free to check out the site and comment we would really love to hear from you.

My Goal,

The goal of The Pigeon Insider is to help preserve and promote the pigeon racing sport and hobby as well as bringing awarness to the general public. I also hope that this site will help to educate pigeon fanciers. I haven’t been involved in pigeon racing for that long so I still have alot to learn but one of my favorite things to do is talk with champion and successfull fanciers which I have had the pleasure of doing and sharing what I learn from them along the way with the rest of you.

Again, my name is Chris and I look forward to meeting and hearing from you fellow pigeon fanciers, please feel free to contribute to this blog by commenting and posting I would really love to hear from you.

Thanks for visiting,

-Chris (Contact Me)

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  1. Good morning fellas, My name is Edwin and i was born and raise in P.R. My passion for racing pigeons began years ago, as i use to use them to train my hawks and falcons. I started to see, how smart and agile this birds were and i started digging into their world. Now I’m fascinated with them. I had long distance flyers in Fl, now that I’m settle in Va. I’m working on my loft, so i can join a club. Hopefully and God willing I’ll be racing these fascinating birds. My long distance flyers were so good, that my birds of pray at that time couldn’t catch them. I use to train some times in the Indian reservation, about an hour from where i use to live.

  2. goodday
    we are beginners in ladybrand south afrike whats the best way to breed winners

  3. Not sure where to post this. But This is the second time I have had this in my coop. I have a 1 year
    old pigeon who is puffed up (shivering a little) and breathing threw
    his mouth. Need to know what it is and how to cure it. Where I love we do not have any bird vets. Thank you Abril

  4. Hi Chris.
    This is a great site for every pigeon fancier and the public to learn more about the fancy.
    I’m breeding and racing pigeons in Cape Town South Africa.

    Always something to learn here.

    Thanks for this site its awsome.

  5. H’lo Chris, i’m Leon Aspeling from Lichtenburg South Africa. I am 55 years young and started with pigeons when i was still a schoolboy. Started racing pigeons in 1979. I used to visit the champion fanciers when ever time permitted and kept my ears and eyes open for good information or tips. From the start go i faired well and win my fair share. At that time i eat,sleep and breath pigeons,going from strength to strength. I really did well till i lost my interest in the sport due to,too many politics in the sport.I joined my old club and fed again and did well in 2012 by winning the short distance and the young bird Champion in my club and end up under the top 10 in the fed. Thank you for keeping this lovely sport going and for the good advise to all fanciers. God bless.

  6. Hello to all.. This is a great site thanks to Chris. I am starting the sport after being away for several years. I have a 14X10 building which I want to turn it to my loft. Has anyone have ideas about to divide this space . I have some ideas but I would like to hear from all you guys who wants to help. Thanks in advance…..

  7. many thanks chris waiting for tones of secrets here in PIGEON INSIDER cant wait for the messages… john from philippines

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