The Pigeon’s Medicine Cabinet

The Pigeon’s Medicine Cabinet

ERYTHROMYCIN.(Gallimycin)- An antibiotic generally effective against respiratory infections,especially Mycoplasmosis. May also be useful against certain Staph infections. DOSAGE: 3-6 tsp per gallon for 4-7 days; PREVENTATIVE DOSE: ¾ tsp per gallon

OXYTETRACYCLINE (Terramycin)- A broad spectrum antibiotic useful against many types of infections, but often not highly effective. Most usually recommended for use after races as a general preventative Dosage: (for concentrate) 1 tsp per gallon.

CLORTETRACYCLINE ( Aureomycin) A broad spectrum antibiotic similar to Terramycin but probably more effective. Dosage: (concentrate) 1-2 tsp per gallon for as many as 15 days if positive results are noted.

LINCOMYCIN/SPECTINOMYCIN ( L/S 50 ) An antibiotic consisting of two synergistic antibiotics which are highly effective against Mycoplasmosis. Considered the drug of choice in treatment of respiratory infections. Spectinomycin may also be very effective against Salmonella and E-Coli. Dosage: 1 tsp per gallon for 5-7 days.

AMPICILLIN– An antibiotic in the Penicillin family which is effective against most strains of E-Coli, and probably other infections, but not a cure-all. Dosage: for 200 ml bottles. Make a stock solution and use 7 tsp per gallon for 7-10 days. Keep refrigerated

ENROFLOXACIN-(Baytril)- An antibacterial agent effective against both gram negative and gram positive bacteria. Considered the drug of choice against parathypoid if birds have not been vaccinated. May also be very effective against E-Coli Dosage: ¼ tablet twice a day for 5-10 days

SULFACHLORPYRIDAZINE(Vetisulid or Pyradan) A sulfa drug to which most strains of E-Coli are sensitive Also an effective coccidiostat. Dosage: 1 tsp per gallon for 5-7 days.

TYLOSIN (Tylan) – Most effective in concentrated form. An effective drug against respiratory infections, especially Mycoplasmosis. Dosage: 1 tsp per gallon for 5-7 days I mix this with L/S 50 for very good results.

Amprolium ( Amprol or Corid)- An inexpensive and very effective coccidiostat. Considered the drug of choice for coccidiosis…. Dosage: 1 tsp per gallon for 3-5 days. For an outbreakl; 1 tsp per gallon for 5 days than ½ tsp per gallon for 7 additional days.

MEBENDAZOLE(Telmentic)- A general wormer. Considered the wormer of choice by many as it is highly effective against all worms except tapeworms. Dosage: ¼ tsp per gallon for 5 days. Repeat within 10-15 days.

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The Pigeon’s Medicine Cabinet

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25 thoughts on “The Pigeon’s Medicine Cabinet

  1. I would like to know how and when to start a medication program for the race I start racing my birds August 29 I’m always late 7 to 10 minutes but all my races I do use the Apple cider vinegar but not every day every other day and I do not medicate if I don’t have to but I know that the Birds should go through a medication program and I hope I can get the truth out of somebody thanks anthony

  2. Hi Chris thanks for the drug tips but i still think the further we can stay from Drugs the the stronger are birds immune system will be but i know the racing season can be difficult Brad.

    1. What is the best treatment for Ornithosis?. Respiratory problems. Symptoms sneezing, rasping, scratching of the head

  3. Hey Chris, a very good and clear advice to keep the pigeons healthy. I also use Lincospectin for respiratory infections but also use Nystatin after all antibiotics given to prevent a yeast built-up in the birds by putting it over their feed.

  4. I need help to flying pigon plz if anybody know hindi or urdu plz help me plz email me i realy need help

  5. Great choice of meds. I do believe everything is covered. Now the importance is correct doseage and when to give the birds these meds. Remember Do not over medicate, or only medicate if birds are sick! over medicating pigeons will destroy their liver. Keep the birds on a vitamin and pro biotic and a balanced diet . Water . feed and grit, and all will be fine, no strange birds without a 30 day quarantine

  6. hello i wont 1 ferver with u my dear friends i hav 200 pegions i wont a sum tableted name for pegions polsh actack sum pegions give me a feveor dear ….. my name is sameer from hyderabad

  7. hi i need to know some medicinces to keep my pigeons flying for more hours and also make them fly in group..
    kindly help me becoz my pigeons dont fly together..
    plz help me as i m having competiton ahead

    1. Hi,

      To keep your pigeons strong and healthy in the first place, they need to be out of all disease. Parasites and diseases exist, even though we can't see them, it is good to give a medicinal supplement every 6 months, I give dacoxine 4 in 1 and it works real  well for my pigeons (1 tablet per pigeon on two consecutive days), you can find it here.

      After giving a treatment, they need a vitamin supplement to recover, I give mutltivit b12 (1 tablet per pigeon three consecutive days), this is my choice and I recommend it, it's going very well,  this treatment will have your pigeons healthy and strong for the flight (it's  a good treatment for breeding, just give it a month before the breeding season).

      After each flight (in competition) is good to give a pill Multivit b12 for recovery.
      I hope this will help.


  8. hi there a very learning article and i really think if any person/s applied this to his loft ,good results can be expected .Let the knowledge keep flowing;

    1. I agree with you uncle Cyril. All very good medicine and cover about all sicknesses.

  9. Hi, i am a firm believer in garlic which is one of the best soures of medicine for both pigeons and humans.i also beleive in giving my pigeons fresh clean water which is drug free at least 4 days of the week. i love this site and find it very interseting. mark south africa

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