Racing Pigeon Dipping Feather Lice Treatment

racing pigeon feather lice

Feather lice are an irritiating part of raisng Pigeons. The pictures above shows what they look like. Although not harmful to the birds, they do chew holes int he feathers of birds. When you hear someone talk about “pinholes” in Pigeons, that is what they mean. It is the damage these Lice do.

dipping racing pigeons 1

I use Permethrin as a dip for treating feather lice in my birds. What I do is fill a bucket with the correct mixture of dip. I gently, but firmly hold the bird by the wings over its head.

dipping racing pigeons 2

I submerge the bird, gently moving the bird from side to side, allowing for a good coating of dip.

dipping racing pigeons 3

This last picture shows the bird submerged up to its neck. I do not completely submerge the bird under water. The bird’s head is always above water. When I am finished I return the bird to the pen it was in. The dip makes flying very difficult for a couple of hours until the bird dries off.

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