*Video* Widowhood Celibacy Creates Motivation on Race Day.

Widowhood Celibacy Creates Motivation on Race Day.


Here is another great video from Dr. John Lamberton, in this video Dr. Lamberton shows us how widowhood celibacy creates motivation to fly home faster on race day. If you have been confused by the widowhood system before, this is an excellent video and will help you understand the widowhood system more clearly. Essentially with widowhood you keep the pair apart for a week, introduce them on race day then separate them again by sending one off to race and let one mate fly home to the other, which creates motivation for the bird to fly home faster to see it’s mate.

Widowhood Celibacy Creates Motivation on Race Day. by Dr. John Lamberton

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4 thoughts on “*Video* Widowhood Celibacy Creates Motivation on Race Day.

  1. I’m new to pigeon Racing and haven’t even purchased any birds yet. Doing homework at his time and I am veri interested in the celibate system and needing more info. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Flown celibate the last 2 seasons and we have never flown so consistently, never behind and the system is so simple. There are 2 downsides, 1: they don’t seem to shine on the system as yearlings. I think perhaps because they haven’t reared a nest yet (perhaps racing them as young birds on widowhood may help here?). But if you let them go down in the summer, in their second season, your pigeons will fly far better, probably because they haven’t been taxed with rearing any youngsters before racing, which brings me onto drawback number 2: you cannot take any youngsters off your better racers until the following summer! By which time, they will be very late bred. Other than that, simple, effective, deadly. A perfect, perfect system for those struggling to master widowhood. No sloppy droppings from sitting pigeons, no slow layers, no battered hens, no pairs sitting at opposite end of the nestbox, no need to regiment your management the way the experts tell you is a must with widowhood, just a lot of no strings attached fun racing old birds!

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