Secrets of a Successful Pigeon Fancier (Part 1)

Secrets of a Successful Pigeon FancierSecret 1

Virkon S is a disinfectant sold by Dupont.  Not only is it the most amazing disinfectant you will ever use in the lofts for sanitation but it is simply magic when used in the pigeons drinking water.

Virkon S should be the first line of defense for any young bird sickness.  If the pigeons start to go off whether it is a young bird sickness or possible other affliction add 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon to the gallon of water for five days.  Usually within two days all symptoms have disappeared.  By day five the birds look spectacular.   Virkon S must be added to the water after the containers are filled and then stirred.  It will form up if added first and then water is added.   Like any disinfectant be careful to keep Virkon S out of your eyes and try not to inhale the powder.  Better to be safe.

As a general health aid give the pigeons three days of Virkon S every six to eight weeks.  Virkon S seems to have a positive effect against all bacteria, virus, fungi and canker.  We use it during breeding, molting and racing will no ill effects.

Chicken  breeders have  been giving Virkon S to chicks for years.  The chicks live better, grow better and losses are lessened.

We add Virkon S to the bath water in the same above dose. 
Virkon S is an unbelievable disinfectant to be sprayed in the lofts and all general disinfection and sanitation needs.   Buy in the powdered form.  It looks like Virkon S is only sold in 10lb containers but it is well worth it.

After treating with Virkon S please give several days of friendly gut bacteria and vitamins.

Secret 2

Moxidectin wormer    If you are still using Ivermectin or any other wormer you are wasting time and your birds probably have round worms and other parasites.  We have been using Moxidectin for ten years with incredible results.  The easy way to administer is to go to a feed store with horse products and buy a product called ‘Quest’.  Quest comes in a syringe tube and will make eight gallons of water.

Quest is a gel that must be mixed in a blender poured  into the water and given to the pigeons for 24 hours.  It lasts in the pigeons system for 30 days.  Not only does it eliminate all internal intestinal worms, it eliminates gape worms and all external parasites.  We treat the race team with Quest seven days before a big race and have only had super results.

Never give to dogs, it may be deadly.

Secret 3 

Are you a widowhood flyer and wish you could fly hens but do not have the room or time?
Here is a system that will change the way you race pigeons.   Before the widowhood season begins train the hens out 60 to 70 miles.  Once the birds are separated feed the hens 100% high quality barley every day but Thursday evening the day before shipping.  On Thursday evening feed all the small seeds like safflour, hemp along with all the European mix they want.  After about 30 minutes remove the feed and place barley in the feeder for the day on Friday.  Ship the hens every week to each race and upon return let them eat all the rich feeds and small seeds they want.  Place them back into their holding section or flight pen a couple hours after they home until the process starts over each week.  They are never trained or let out of the loft.  They only fly one day a week in the race.  Leave one or two hens home for the first two arriving cocks or use some unmated stock hens.  More often than not the hens will beat the cocks and will even be better when the distance races come along.  The hens only eat barley except for Thursday evening and Saturday after the race.  If you are sending the hens to a long distance race, you can feed the hens the rich seeds the day of shipping also.

Keep every possible mineral in front of the hens free choice at all times.

If the hens fly eight or more hours in a race you can skip a week and go two weeks between races.

This system works so well and allows you to race more pigeons without any extra time or effort.   You will start to re-think how to train pigeons when you fly this system.  

Secret 4 

Feeding Tip…. Never over feed your race team again.  Just add about one ounce of Rabbit Pellets to the feed each day.  Feed enough until the birds leave the rabbit pellets.  Any very hungry birds will eat the rabbit pellets.  After we feed our youngsters each day there is always a sprinkling of rabbit pellets in the feeder.  By late in the day the pellets are gone. 

We give all the birds rabbit pellets two time per week year round.  This eliminates the use of any fresh greens.  Buy rabbit pellets that have the first ingredient alfalfa.

Secret 5 

Resting Tip.  Rest is one of big misconceptions when it comes to racing pigeons.  If you want your pigeons to have a long successful career please give one day of total rest for every two hours on the wing.  Four hour flight, two days rest, 12 hour flight 6 days of total rest.  You will not only dominate all season long you will win with 5 year old or older pigeons if you follow this rest recommendation throughout their career.  By total rest we mean they do not even loft fly.

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13 thoughts on “Secrets of a Successful Pigeon Fancier (Part 1)

  1. Can anything be added to the moxidectin get the birds to drink it more readily, my birds almost refuse to drink it? I have to leave it for 2-3 days before I notice much consumption.

  2. Hello
    Just wondering about the red dot in the kill
    Does that mean ur bird is in top forum

  3. Hello
    Thanks for the info, it’s sounds real.I have a question about a dosage of Virkon S.In my country dosing a madication with teaspoon is not popular and frankly speaking I think it’s not too accurate.Can anybody told me how many gms is this(let’s tlak about a Virkon).Thank you in advance!

  4. Hi,I’m a bit confused like John.You say you use moxidectin wormer with great success,then go on to say,the way to administer is to go to a horse feed store and buy a product called Quest.Do you mean Quest is the brand you use,and moxidectin is the drug used in Quest?or do you use two separate wormers.The other question I have is regarding the rabbit pellets.I have looked at rabbit pellet bags before,and they say not to feed to poultry because they contain coxidiostats?

  5. Hi ,
    Iam new with pigion and am geting great Info her thanks
    Now Question you sayto givemoxidecin for worms and also Qeast
    am i to treat the birds for worms with both?I just bought Noromectin it has ivermectin in it but havent used this yet Iam confused now what to treat them with I think Iam going back to the store and get the products you have said to use any adivice you could give me?
    Cheers John

  6. One needs to be careful with rabbit pellets. I tried to feed rabbit pellets one year and to get the birds used to them fed nothing else. The birds filled their crops with these pellets and drank water. The water caused these pellets to expand and kill most of the birds.

  7. never herd of this system keep the hens in all week might try it this week thanks m8 keep these tips coming

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