Getting Your Pigeons

Getting Your Pigeons

Getting your pigeonsNow that your loft is all ready, we are ready for the best part of all. We are ready to get your pigeons. Some of the best racing pigeons in America are listed for sale in the racing pigeon magazines. Unfortunately, most of them cost more than the beginning fancier can afford. The best source of good pigeons is from some of your local fliers. Most of these veteran fliers will be happy to help you get started. They know that their sport depends on new fliers. They will either provide you with some breeders so you can raise your own racers, or else they will get you started with some youngsters that you can settle and fly immediately.

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6 thoughts on “Getting Your Pigeons

  1. I have 2 pigeons my black boy pigeon has a big nose and around the pupil is grey is it a racing ?

  2. i gave up racing for a while but am looking to start up fresh,
    and i believe that when they are comfortable and healthy they give u results.

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