*Video* Fret Marks on Racing Pigeons

This is a great video from Lavender Hill Lofts, showing what fret marks are and explaining why they happen.

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8 thoughts on “*Video* Fret Marks on Racing Pigeons

    1. Saw a man use a nail on a string. He hrld it above the head and claimed the magnetite in the wattle (magnetic) on hens would make the nail swing head to rail for hens and left to right for cocks, or( vice versa. )
      I did not try this on my sexed birds.

      Ever herd of anything like this?
      I viewed the vodeo demo on u tube.

  1. how can you sex a pigeon it seems eather no one knows or they just wont tell you how to so any info would be nice since I’m new to the sport

      1. This is the easiest method I have come across. When the birds are babies (say one to two weeks), one can determine its sex by this method. After that, in my loft, I am waiting until they grow up and start breeding when it can be confirmed which is male and which is female. I am keeping record of the youngsters, and after about a year, my verification research results will be available.

    1. Jason…….your question is …how can you tell hens from cocks……think everyone has their way of tellin the difference…..dont know why they wont tell you……sometimes you can look at a flock of birds and it it easy….my cocks look more masculine …..and my hens look more femine…..but thats the way I have breed them……but for you…I think this should work well……first pick a bird from your loft and hold it with the head in your chest…..put your index finger around the birds vent……there are 2 bones in the vent area……if the bones are close together…the bird will be a cock…..if the bones are apart…it will be a hen…..this doesnt always work on young birds…..but old birds never lie…..if the hen is laying the vent has to be wide to allow the egg to pass though easlly…..on cocks they dont need to be……also if you have young in the nest…..sometimes the two young will be setting oppisite to each other…..that is sign of hens and cocks….but if they are setting side by side…its a pair of cocks or hens…..but this dosent always work as that may be the way the hen wants them…..good luck with your birds……Butch

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