Care of Pigeon Breeders at End of Breeding Season


Here’s some more great videos from Lavender Hill Lofts in Washington DC. These videos explain Lavender Hill Lofts process during the end of the breeding season.

At the end of the breeding season he allows his pairs to sit on dummy eggs untill they stop sitting on them. He then separates the hens from the cocks and removes all the breeding boxes and installs stick perches. He keeps his breeders seperated on the breeding mix until winter to insure a proper moult. At this time he treats for canker with Emtryl for 5 days.

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2 thoughts on “Care of Pigeon Breeders at End of Breeding Season

  1. why do you give your birds a salt brick ? Salt is very bad for pigeons ! Salt can kill them if to much is taken !

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