Secret #1: Cull Heavy

Secret #1: Cull Heavy

When cutting back, forget all about names, strains, cost, etc.  There are two kinds of pigeons:  GOOD ONES AND BAD ONES.  “Bad” pigeons cost us more money than “Good” pigeons!  We spend a lot of money on feed, supplies, medicine and training; as well as time on poor birds only to be paid back with disappointment and heavy financial loss.

Only birds that have shown potential should be kept for future racing or breeding.  This means pigeons that are consistently racing or producing birds in the top 10% of your race schedule.  Therefore, forget about giving a pair “one more chance”, and finding an excuse for that “special cock or that expensive hen.”  Secret number one “Cull Them.”

Secret #1: Cull Heavy By Bob Prisco

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27 thoughts on “Secret #1: Cull Heavy

  1. Hi , Hey,
    To all Pigeon Insider family i read the comments it starts 27 06 2010 —–26 05 2013 and every one got his own idea ,and their biggest regret ,culling too soon sorry is valuable but its always to late. I all so got my own idea of racing and breading pigeons, names and strains means nothing only a money making scheme ( my meaning ) in my live never pay a cent for a bird in 19 66 start as a novice. uncle Louis Roux retired give his loft and birds for me 1979 stop racing give my birds to my friend keep my loft clock and baskets the love for the racing horses of the sky never stop January 2013 a friend move to Windhoek give me 4 pair and this where i saddle up again, let them get down on eggs when the youngsters 2weeks old open up they all home and training start my racers are my breeders as from 1966 and my youngsters as from the old days 5metre away from loft 10metre if not fly straight back ???? then 50 then 1km then the road they make it or not . its no need to wait and hope if it fail 10metre it fail the test no intelligent no homing ability (my way of doing ) please dont let me scratch your cards every man kiss his women his way

    1. Hi Johnna i give and old bird two years no more i don’t have the room a young bird if its
      steady and i like it it will make my team any bird old or young that are late all the time are gone its very simple Brad.

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