Secret #1: Cull Heavy

Secret #1: Cull Heavy

When cutting back, forget all about names, strains, cost, etc.  There are two kinds of pigeons:  GOOD ONES AND BAD ONES.  “Bad” pigeons cost us more money than “Good” pigeons!  We spend a lot of money on feed, supplies, medicine and training; as well as time on poor birds only to be paid back with disappointment and heavy financial loss.

Only birds that have shown potential should be kept for future racing or breeding.  This means pigeons that are consistently racing or producing birds in the top 10% of your race schedule.  Therefore, forget about giving a pair “one more chance”, and finding an excuse for that “special cock or that expensive hen.”  Secret number one “Cull Them.”

Secret #1: Cull Heavy By Bob Prisco

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