Secret #2: Quality over Quantity

Secret #2:  Quality over Quantity

Pigeon Racing Secret #2: Quality Over QuantityDO NOT OVER CROWD YOUR LOFT (Racing or Breeding).  Quantity offers only cost and wasted time.  Quality is profitable and rewarding.  Once you learn the advantage of quality above quantity, put it into practice.

People are creatures of habit.  The easiest thing to do is repeat the same past mistakes.  Those fanciers who raise and train 100-200 squeakers every year with the hope of getting one or two good pigeons in their lofts take the longest and most costly road to success.  Many times there is quality in an overcrowded loft, but because the birds are overcrowded, their health and performance is poor.  What qualities do we look for in a good pigeon?

Secret #3: Quality Over Quantity By Bob Prisco

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