Who Pigeon Fanciers REALLY are!

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I have been reading many articles and news feeds ever since the news broke that Mike Tyson was getting his own show on animal planet about pigeon racing and I have noticed that some people have been bad mouthing the sport, pigeons and fanciers not to name names (PETA). They have been saying all sorts of things like pigeons are dirty, fanciers mistreat their birds, animal cruelty and so on and so forth. It’s obvious to me that they don’t know this sport and hobby at all nor do they know us fanciers.

So I figured who better to clear our name then US! we have a great group of fanciers here on the www.pigeonracingpigeon.com blog. So post your comments below and tell the rest of the world what pigeon racing really is all about and who we fanciers really are. Tell them how much you love your pigeons and how pigeon racing is a wholesome hobby that involves the entire family, promotes bonding and responsibility just to name a few.

So go ahead and post your comments here and let’s set them straight.

Thanks for your participation.
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86 thoughts on “Who Pigeon Fanciers REALLY are!

  1. In Western Australia we saw which way the wind was blowing in respect of Animal Welfare with Codes of Practice being imposed on all sorts of animal activities. So instead of waiting for them to get around to us we became proactive and wrote our own, implemented it, then presented it to government for adoption. It has put us in a very defensible position.
    https://www.agric.wa.gov.au/sites/gateway/files/Code%20of%20Practice%20for%20Pigeon%20Keeping%20and%20Racing%20in%20Western%20Australia_0.pdfn, adoption.

  2. PETA is NOT an “Animal Welfare” organisation. They are extremist vegans whose agenda is to “liberate” all animals from “human slavery”.

    They are so off the planet they have been caught on CCTV stealing peoples pets and killing them to free them from their loving homes.

    PETA has no credibility and you should not be giving these nutters oxygen. Simply comment as above.


  3. My Pigeons

    Some people refer to my pigeons as flying rats but I would disagree.

    They are noble athletes, faithful lovers, and dedicated parents.

    They begin their life sealed in a thumb sized egg with mom
    brooding at night and dad by day. They hatch into small
    hairy yellow creatures with bulging eyes.

    With both parents feeding them milt and protecting them,
    they quickly grow and develop feathers that range in
    colors from pure white to charcoal black with shades of red, blue,
    and a rife of combinations.

    They are soon weaned and in six months they join the adult world.

    The males coo and strut. The females are more subdued and scamper
    away from unwanted advances of amorous males. But, when a female finds
    one she likes, a love affair begins.

    The male prances, coos, and puffs up his chest.
    The female gently kisses him by picking at his neck.
    The male responds with soft kisses of his own.
    The intensity increases as they intertwine their beaks and
    exchange seeds from their crops. After much of this foreplay,
    the female signals she is ready by squatting in front of the male.
    The male hops on top of her and the love act is completed. The couple
    strut around like they just won the lottery and fly about the loft.

    They will build a nest, she will lay two eggs, and the cycle of life continues.

    Pigeons mate for life, male and female take an equal part in raising their young,
    and have the uncanny ability to return to their loft from miles away.
    They can fly 600 miles in a day at speeds of 60 mph.

    They are not flying rats, they are honorable athletes of the sky.

    I love my pigeons!

  4. I think people would be amazed if I just read one book written about all of the special vitamins and feed and and different ways to make your bird happy so and fly faster they would be overwhelmed at How fanciers take care of their pigeons

  5. I am yet to meet a fanciers who does not feel depressed when their pigeon is taken by a hawk or doe’s not return home. How inhumane!!!

  6. You have to simply love pigeons(as a parent you fend for your baby, clean diapers clean their area they play in )cleaning after them must never be a drag, loving them is a natural thing to pigeon fanciers.The smell of a dry loft is wonderful I,ll say it again i have bird,s because it,s love of a pigeon, need i say more.

  7. So first of all my birds are cleaner than the people that say their dirty my loft has electric , skylights, beautifull nestboxes squared perches not the round dials best boxes go in the back and nest fronts in the corners in the front traps in every section because even if their breeders to still need to let them sun so.one the Luther side of trap is Ur landing board and a settling cage for baths and sunning their self it’s worth having electric in the loft because Ur gonna have to go crate them up to train them an its raiser to catch them in the dark pluse u wanna let the birds out at daybreak its cooler don’t forget hens go first get their shots don’t get or keep decaled which is the pigeons with a ships bottom ill feel it have grit and magnesium blocks in each section powder loft with lice powder sanahcell or dried corn cob prices but the most important thing is to go out there with Ur family, partner or friend remember its not a business it’s a great hobby it’s about spending time with friends family an the birds and if u do these things treat and care for the birds u can win I bought a bird for a dollar he was missing his back toes he had ugly eyes and not a desirable color a pencil flight and I won first place so that should tell u something treat them right and they would never wanna leave and I’ve been around and also beat them and they are some of the best flyers In the USA and I learned a lot of tricks from these older guys and a couple women from other club members so I think these people saying things that they don’t know jack s**t and if u have birds and Ur not enjoing ur life and or like the pigeons y the hell do u have them or Ur an embarking flyer that ain’t doing nothing right because if u are u would be doing these thing the way u act is an example of Ur skills as a racer you might as well save some mone and get fancy birds they don’t go far so u don’t keep loosing birds the real flyers know the truth and the work and dedication that goes into it good luck guys.

  8. First of all Chris let me tell you something, you do a fantastic job not only helping the pigeon fanciers around the world but having them unite and communicate and personally I appreciate it much so I never miss to read any of your postings. Thank u.
    PETA is a subject apart, they are going after our sport like we are gang members killing people messing up the world or something. I am not going to say that there are no pigeons fanciers that abuse their birds just like there are HUMAN parents that abuse their kids and still out of prison. Of course we have exceptions out there and I am more than happy that we have PETA to go after those who REALLY abuse the birds but most of us do the pigeon racing because we love those animals, because we understand and appreciate their instinct to come back always to their home and the loyalty to their house and to us, because we love the competitive character that they have naturally, because we know that they are smart special animals and will do whatever it takes to come back home. Nobody that it isn’t involve in our sport knows what is all about because they don’t know what it is or how it feels. I race and train racing pigeons since I was 7 years old and I have had many animals in my life but always came back to the pigeons.
    We are getting punished by PETA when we really should have been awarded, all of us!. Looks like they don’t know how much time and dedication we put on our birds and that includes feeding, sanitation, training, medical attention and a lot of observation without mentioning the time that we take off our families to give it to the birds and how much we spend on them and how expensive is our sport….Isn’t that love?
    That’s why the world is upside down, people are trying to kill an sport, a passion when there are tons of problems to solve everywhere. Kids killing each other, drugs addicts, drugs dealers, people that don’t work or produce nothing, bull fights, chicken fights, fish fights, dogs fights, dogs races etc, horse races…what about all that?
    Does anybody ever thought how many times a dog gets beat up before learns to sit when the owner says “SIT”?
    Is it animal cruelty?….come on PETA!, there are more important things out there to go after…let us please keep loving our sport.
    Chris we will fight and win, I am sure. It’s people like you that keeps this amazing sport standing.
    Thank u

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Miguel, uniting the pigeon community and helping to preserve and promote the sport were and still are the two main goal’s that the Pigeon Insider was built on and I do my best to keep it going. However the Pigeon Insider would be nothing without the continued support and participation of all our amazing members, so thank you and everyone else for supporting the Pigeon Insider!.

  9. I got into pigeons this year (2013) I love it. All the fanciers I know are good people. I was raised on a farm. I was a K-9 officer for 12 years. I have cats, dogs, and a parrot. All of the fanciers I know take better care of their pigeons than a lot of pet owners. I would hazard to guess that most fanciers take better care of and love thier birds more than some of the people that belong to groups like PETA. I love the sport, I love the people, and I love my birds

  10. Most fanciers that i know love and look after there birds better than some people that have dogs and
    cats.Its sad there are people who know nothing about racing pigeons and some if you try to
    explain about them i don’t care there dirty i don’t want them around my place and these same
    people let there dogs and cats run all the time people.

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