What’s Killing Our Sport… The Result’s

What’s Killing Our Sport… The Result’s

whats killing pigeon racing resultsThe Pigeon Insider has been running for over 5 years now. I started the Pigeon Insider in 2009 to help preserve and promote the sport as well as to unite fanciers and create an outlet for fanciers from all over the world to get together and share our common love for pigeon racing. The Pigeon Insider was also created as an educational resource to help new and old flyers alike have success. Over the years the Pigeon Insider has grown by leaps and bounds and I strive to always make it better as well as having a continued focus on helping make the sport in general better.

One of the very first posts I made on the site was a discussional post where I asked you and the rest of the Pigeon Insider member’s what you all thought was the current state of pigeon racing, did you think it was a growing or dying sport. That post received over 500 comments with the majority of people saying that sadly they thought the sport of pigeon racing was indeed a dying sport. Roughly 80% think it’s dying and 20% think it’s growing. In that post I also asked everyone to post their comments on why they thought the sport was either growing or dying. Like I said before your participation was amazing! and continues to be the reason why the Pigeon Insider has become such a powerful resource for the pigeon racing community. Again that post received over 500 comments which I througly read and went through each and every comment. It took me some time but I wanted to narrow down the most common reason’s why people thought the sport was dying this way we can focus on some solutions to fix them.

Of those 500 comments a few things kept coming up and stood out and I was able to narrow it down to 8 common things that people thought were killing our sport which were,

  • Change of laws in towns and cities (society)
  • Higher expenses and cost’s
  • Higher hawk, falcon and bird of prey population’s
  • Poor sport management (greed, members fighting, poor leadership, club politics, etc.)
  • Young people not interested
  • Outdated (technology, keeping up with changing times etc.)
  • Not enough information for new fanciers
  • Poor marketing and National PR for the sport

This was a good thing because now we narrowed down the week points of our sport and when we know the week points we can focus on fixing the problems and focus on stregthening, preserving and growing our sport.

Now what I wanted to do was figure out which of those topics were the most hurtful to our sport and which ones we should focus on first. So I put the 8 topics together in another post and asked everyone to vote which topics they thought were the most impactiful to the decline of pigeon racing. That post received almost 400 votes and here were the result,

  1. Higher expenses and cost’s (65%, 255 Votes)
  2. Young people not interested (54%, 210 Votes)
  3. Poor sport management (greed, members fighting, poor leadership, club politics, etc.) (48%, 189 Votes)
  4. Poor marketing and National PR for the sport (33%, 127 Votes)
  5. Change of laws in towns and cities (society) (27%, 107 Votes)
  6. Higher hawk, falcon and bird of prey population’s (22%, 86 Votes)
  7. Not enough information for new fanciers (16%, 63 Votes)
  8. Outdated (technology, keeping up with changing times etc.) (4%, 16 Votes)

High costs took the number 1 spot with 65% of the votes followed by Young people not being interested with 54% of the votes and poor sport management rounding out the top three with 48% of the votes. Now I wasn’t surprised to see both high costs and young people not interested being the top two because I do agree that both of those are major things that we need to work on but I was a little surprised and to be honest disapointed to see that poor sport management was in the top three. Poor sport management include things like greed, fighting between memebers, poor leadership, club politics and things like that. This means that we as a community are helping in the decline of our own sport. This is something that each one of us as fanciers need to be held accountable for and is something that we need to begin addressing and fixing immediatley so that’s deffinelty a great place to start.

The Pigeon Insider has also been focused on getting young people interested in the sport and I am currently working on a few things that are focused on just that which I think you are going to love! so make sure to stayed tuned for that as I will be giving you the details on all that good stuff very soon.

We have also been focused on marketing the sport better, educating new and old fanciers alike, and keeping the sport up to date since the very beginning and will continue to keep that a focus.

Continued change of local laws and high bird of prey populations are the two most difficult topics and are probably things that we as a sport and community are going to have to learn to deal with and adapt too. But I do believe if we focus our attention on the other 6 then this sport can have a thriving a bright future for generations to come and all accross the globe. These things will also continue to be a major focus of the Pigeon Insider and I hope they will continue to be every fanciers focus as well.

So in closing thank you for your continued support and participation to the Pigeon Insider in helping us help the sport move forward. And be sure to keep an eye out for updates on projects that we are currently working on to help preserve and promote our sport which we may need your help with. We can do great things when we come together as a community!. So let’s keep the future of pigeon racing and it’s growth and preservation first place in our agenda’s from now on.

Please feel free to post your thoughts and comments in the comments section below this post because I would really love to hear your thoughts.