Powerful Disinfectant For Your Racing Pigeons

Powerful Disinfectant For Your Racing Pigeons By McLaughlin Lofts

Virkon Disinfectant for Racing PigeonsVirkon S is a disinfectant sold by Dupont. Not only is it the most amazing disinfectant you will ever use in the lofts for sanitation but it is simply magic when used in the pigeons drinking water.

Virkon S should be the first line of defense for any young bird sickness. If the pigeons start to go off whether it is a young bird sickness or possible other affliction add 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon to the gallon of water for five days. Usually within two days all symptoms have disappeared. By day five the birds look spectacular.

Virkon S must be added to the water after the containers are filled and then stirred. It will form up if added first and then water is added. Like any disinfectant be careful to keep Virkon S out of your eyes and try not to inhale the powder. Better to be safe.

As a general health aid give the pigeons three days of Virkon S every six to eight weeks. Virkon S seems to have a positive effect against all bacteria, virus, fungi and canker. We use it during breeding, molting and racing will no ill effects.

Chicken breeders have been giving Virkon S to chicks for years. The chicks live better, grow better and losses are lessened.

We add Virkon S to the bath water in the same above dose.

Virkon S is an unbelievable disinfectant to be sprayed in the lofts and all general disinfection and sanitation needs. Buy in the powdered form in the 10 pound container. It looks like Virkon S is only sold in 10lb containers but it is well worth it. After treating with Virkon S please give several days of friendly gut bacteria and vitamins.

Virkon S can be given at the dose of one teaspoon to the gallon if your pigeons are experiencing Circo-virus.  The product will not cure infected pigeons but it will stop the spread of the virus. In the case of Circo Virus you can remove sick pigeons and keep the remaining pigeons on Virkon S until the pigeons are no longer becoming sick. This may take a week to ten days. Like I said if the pigeons is already infected with Circo, Virkon S may or may not help. The benefit lies in stopping the virus from spreading.

I get asked all the time “can you use Virkon S during breeding season”?  On June 18th I put all my breeders on Virkon S at the dose of 3/4 teaspoon to the gallon.  I have babies at all stages of development and every breeder and youngster looks a super as ever. Droppings are firm and normal. We experimented with our pigeons but I do not recommend using during breeding.

You will notice that if a pigeon has a minor respiratory problem the Virkon S will turn the wattle slightly yellow. At the end of the five day treatment the wattle will be white and dry.

I have been reading how Koi Fish Breeders and keepers used Virkon S in the ponds and tanks to cure and prevent many difference virus and bacteria. They also claim it works at a very low dose and does not effect the biological filter (friendly bacteria). If fish can thrive in the presence of Virkon S, this is a very good sign.

Powerful Disinfectant For Your Racing Pigeons By McLaughlin Lofts

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12 thoughts on “Powerful Disinfectant For Your Racing Pigeons

  1. I realize this is an old post. If your having trouble finding Viskon S at your local feed store, co op, ect. Try a local pet store that sells fish supplies. Why because Viskon S is a product made for fish. Between you an I. DO NOT mention putting it in your pigeons drinking water. You may get a vist from peta, for cruelty. Let’s keep em flying.

  2. Hi Chris any more info on this product would be a big help also i’m in Canada and can only
    get the regular Virkon also i would like to know about using it after the races in young birds
    and even old birds.Thanks Brad.

  3. Hi, I’ve been using using Virkon for the past couple of years in the drinking water to medicate my birds. I also use a probiotic after the 3 or 5 day of treatment. I have not found Virkon S here in Alberta so I use the Virkon in 50 gram packages @ $ 5 each at the same dosage recommended. It has worked the same as the S I buy mine at the farm feed supply outlets. Get the info sheet for the disinfecting mix it is incredible what harmful bacteria this stuff gets rid of.

    1. Hi Brad. If the racing has been hard and the birds are doing it a bit tough I;ll always give first drink of post race salts which has a high level of glucose, vitamins and minerals used to accelerate the recovery process and then give the Virkon S, weather it be that afternoon or all next day at 1 level teaspoon to 4 litres. If it was a quick and easy race they go straight on to Virkon S.
      Brad this is what I do and some flyers might not agree, but I’d hate to think the birds picked up something in the race basket and I did not clean it up. I hope this helps


      1. Hi Steve thanks for the info but i can’t get Virkon s in Canada i tried to buy it last
        night and they won’t ship to Canada thats why i asked the question about using
        the regular Virkon or the Virkon s tablets anyone that can help thanks Brad.

        1. Hi Pigeon guys I live in Ontario and to help with your problem use Virkon R . For the past year I have been using Virkon R in their drinking water, baths, & disinfecting the loft. Most Feed Stores or Co- Ops carrie this product in Ontario. In my opinion they a
          are exactly the same thing.

  4. Hi I have been using Virkon S for the last 2 years. The first signs of young going off, the product clears up any problem after a couple of days and I do use a probiotic for a couple of days after using Virkon S. I do use the product after birds come home from a race, cleans up any nasties.

  5. Where can you buy it? I checked with local feed mills no one ever heard of it. And you can’t buy it direct from Dupont, so where do you gey it?

  6. Hi this article is very interesting iv’e never used the product in the birds drinking water
    has this been vet tested also could this be given after the races for young birds it is
    always the first or second week that young bird sickness starts what are your thoughts
    on using virkon s after the races for a day for the first two weeks of young birds.
    Thanks Brad.

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