What did you think of Taking on Tyson?

Hey, the first episode of Taking on Tyson primiered on Sunday on Animal Planet, did you get a chance to check it out? If you did, please tell everyone what you thought of the show in the comments below! can’t wait to read them.

What did you think of the first episode of Taking on Tyson? please leave your comments by clicking here


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73 thoughts on “What did you think of Taking on Tyson?

  1. Tyson was not devoted enough to win any race, his friends done all the work, His performance was all show to collect a dollar

  2. Was good info. for the general Public……….. This Show did get many interested in having Pigeons now. Very good Job!

  3. i thought it was great and would like to see more like it. i think it could really help the sport and help get some good info out to people that might not know about pigeon racing
    and it might interest more kids and younger people.


  4. No one really knows how big this sport is, racing pigeons is biggg, I also grew up surrounded by this, pigeon coops on the roof, in Brooklyn NY. My 18yr old son races pigeons & has his own birds his dad has taught him all there is to know about pigeons. For me, the birds all look the same to me. But Ive got to say that has kept my son preoccupied for years & possibly the one thing that has kept him out of trouble & away from the streets. We live in Fl now but birds are still in my home. Please keep the show going.

  5. It brought me back to pigeon racing. In the 70’s when I was a child my father used to race pigeons, I remeber every Saturday we would go and race pigeons. He died in the early 90’s, RIP. And watching this show brought back fond memories of my dad and the sport of pigeon racing. And it inspired me to get back into it, I have children of my own, and I only hope that they can come to love pigeon racing as much as me.

    1. From the first epasode to the last
      i enjoyed it all.Wished there was more shows about our birds.something clean and decent to watch.

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