What did you think of Taking on Tyson?

Hey, the first episode of Taking on Tyson primiered on Sunday on Animal Planet, did you get a chance to check it out? If you did, please tell everyone what you thought of the show in the comments below! can’t wait to read them.

What did you think of the first episode of Taking on Tyson? please leave your comments by clicking here


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73 thoughts on “What did you think of Taking on Tyson?


  2. I thought it was very good…..it should help get some kids outside and off the street and have a good life lasting pastime and hobby. Good job for Mike Tyson..perfect story.

  3. Hi Chris
    I did,nt get to see the show i live in Ireland (Dublin) it will prob be shown in the coming weeks so i will try and catch it,i enjoy your mail they are very helpful as i am a novice getting back into pigeons after 20 years so thank you for your help
    yours in sport
    Derek O Neill

  4. I thought the show was fabulous! I couldnt wait for it to be aired. I told all my friends and they were all telling me to watch. It was well produced and Mike reminded me of Marlon Brando in “On the Waterfront”. I am so glad that Mike found a true love for the birds. They are truly infectious. I have been flying for three years as the only female in the club! Cant wait to watch the rest of the episode since they are really inspiring.

  5. I missed the Tyson documentary, but I heard good reviews on it and will be tuned in this sunday.

    Way to go Mike!

  6. Overall, I thought it was good. It portrayed Pigeon Racing in a positive light and brought awareness to Pigeon Racing in a positive way. Keep in mind, the network’s motives are entertainment and ratings; not to teach the public about all aspects of Pigeon Racing or give credit to the heroes of the sport. That’s why my feelings are what they are regarding the show. I received about 5 calls from friends that know about my love for pigeons and were excited to get on the phone and say Hello. Good stuff….

  7. The film starring Mike Tyson gives a lot of good publicity to the sport. People who used to have a different impression of the sport would certainly come out of it with a clearer understanding.

    Hope the feedback with Animal Plannet is good so they’ll consider to extend or add a secong series.

  8. I think its great 4 the pigeon world its about time that sum1 steps the pigeon sport up an educate people about pigeons the 1st time a tournament is televised its really great 4 our feathered friends lets hope USA gets the pigeon bug an we start televising not only Homer races but also tippler contest from there we can go all over the world with pigeons i have a ton of great idea’s that can make 4 great television with pigeons lets keep our fingers crossed an hope all fathers&mothers find out that flying pigeons just happens 2b the best way 2 keep kids out the street an in the home enjoying the best hobby of all hobbys 4 all people old&young?

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