*Amazing Video* Pigeon Liberation

Here is an amazing video of around 6,000 racing pigeons bursting forth from the Central Cumberland Racing Pigeon Federation’s truck at Crookhaven Heads, near Culburra Beach on the south coast of NSW, Australia. In difficult, strong windy conditions the pigeons eventually headed back north to their various lofts in Sydney.

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15 thoughts on “*Amazing Video* Pigeon Liberation

  1. Hi this is in my area flying with the South Coast pigeon Federation for the last 54 years the club in this liberation are 50 miles north of me in the Sydney area Cheers Les

  2. HI

  3. That is amazing! in are club they release about 700 birds I can only imagine seeing that many released, way cool ! let the sport live on! Viva palomos!

  4. Too close to the trees some birds got hurt.
    Why did he not find a open space.
    There are 6000 pigeons the driver should have known better.
    Fire him.

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