*Video* Mike Tyson: “A pigeon caused my first fight”

Here is a great video of Mike Tyson telling Graham Bensinger about his lifelong love for pigeons and why one caused his very first fight.

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2 thoughts on “*Video* Mike Tyson: “A pigeon caused my first fight”

  1. Mike is right, about getting attached to pigeons.we race pigeons, that’s me and my father, father’s been racing them 60yrs + but the beauty is you are in control,you cross breed,inbreed to create a champion or two,when you attchieve that,then it as all been wearth while. our racing season starts April can’t wait. good luck 2012 season

  2. Great interview. I can empathise with Mike Tyson on so many levels! I started keeping pigeons at the age of 10. Had my first fight over a pigeon too! I think I am close to Mike’s age being born in 1966. & I have been teaching & training ‘bare-knuckle’ pre-queensberry rules boxing since 1983. Keep those birds flying Mike ! Always in your corner ! Alf, Brisbane, Australia.

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