Breed From Leaders Part 3 – Breeding is a Numbers Game

Breed From Leaders Part 3 – Breeding is a Numbers Game

Breeding is a numbers game.  If we find a bird and his ancestries are full of leaders and champions, the chances greatly improve the possibility that its children will possess these same qualities.  You always have a better chance of success to breed from a bird with an outstanding performance pedigree and family, rather than a champion bird from a poor background with no other champions in his family.

You can tell right away if a breeder can pass these leadership and intelligences traits to its children by single tossing their young during training tosses.  These single tosses force the bird to think on its own, and not to rely on other birds to follow home.  This is the first step to bring out the independence, confidence and leadership qualities the bird needs to navigate successfully during a race.  When we train at short distances such as 5, 10 or 20 miles, you can make these single tosses 2 or 3 times in a day.  The true leaders will navigate and home safely, the followers will not.

Beside excellent health, single tossing your birds is the best way to create and teach mental maturity, intelligence and to evaluate your breeders.  If young are lost frequently from certain breeders in these single tosses, cull the breeder.  It is of no value to you.

Many times the trainer or breeder spends all his time to develop and search for the physical qualities in his birds he feels are important, and he overlooks or neglects the most important traits of intelligence, confidence and independent thinking that the birds need to lead and navigate for themselves.  

In other articles, I REFER TO PERFORMANCE PEDIGREES TO BE OF GREAT VALUE TO THE BREEDER.  Every pigeon has a pedigree; father, mother and grandparents.  Look for these leadership qualities in the first 3 generations.  (REMEMBER A PEDIGREE IS ONLY AS ACCURATE AND HONEST AS THE FANCIER THAT PROVIDES IT.)  ALWAYS REQUIRE PROOF BEFORE YOUR MAKE ANY PURCHASE.

Breed From Leaders part 3 By Bob Prisco

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