Dr. John Lamberton

Dr. John Lamberton

Dr. John Lamberton

Dr. John Lamberton, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA is dedicated to breeding, training, and racing  champion homing pigeons in the USA and Belgium with Mr. Jef Cuypers.

Dr. Lamberton provides thoughtful science-based information to fanciers by sharing his practical loft management strategy and positive approach to the sport of racing pigeons.  His website and blog are  designed to preserve, improve, promote and advance the Sport of Racing Pigeons.

Dr. Lamberton believes that racing pigeons are highly intelligent birds and can develop strong bonds and intimate relationships with people.  He believes that racing pigeons are extremely loyal, and through their unique abilities, mirror the very best human values regarding the importance of home and family since racing pigeons will fly hundreds of miles under the most adverse weather conditions to reach their home.  Dr. Lamberton believes that racing pigeons should be valued, managed, nurtured and protected in the most humane and pristine manner possible.

He supports the basic loft management standards promoted by the American Racing Pigeon Union Loft Certification Program and Code of Ethics in the United States of America.  Lastly, Dr. Lamberton believes that racing pigeons are pastoral birds whose temperament, grace, beauty and stamina can provide fanciers with an excellent personal and family hobby.

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