Resistance Training Technique For Your Racing Pigeons

Training Tosses Into the Wind by Dr. John Lamberton

As you will see in this short video, Dr. John Lamberton requires his racing pigeons to fly home against the wind for at least one-third of his regular training tosses. This type of exercise is referred to as resistance training and helps the birds strengthen and condition their muscles more then regular loft flying or flying with the wind currents by using the wind as a natural resistance source. So think of incorporating this type of resistance training into your own training schedule next time you train your birds.

Training Tosses Into the Wind by Dr. John Lamberton

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9 thoughts on “Resistance Training Technique For Your Racing Pigeons

  1. Another 8 year old U tube video. When are you going to post something new. I’d like to see some winning daplomas form all this out dated advice.
    Advice without proof is just a waste of time. Like Biden says, come on man.

  2. hello
    i am from iran.
    our club is in esfahan.we use of such a training method like this.this method have good advantages for our pigeons.its help them to reach buoyancy.but beside this we use of a good method called rest and flight.

  3. No one seems to know or remember that once the bird is in the air there is no wind. They are part of the air movement so they feel no wind. All wind does is make them fly longer, not harder. If they have a direct tail wind of twenty mph and they fly 40 then they will be flying 60 mph ground speed. And the 20 mph head wind means they are flying 20 mph ground speed. I just figure it this way, if they are 200 miles from home and it will take 5 hours to fly it without any wind then a 10 mph head wind will make them fly an extra 50 miles( 5hr X 10mph). It is exactly the same thing that happens when you are boating on a river. It is no harder to go upstream but it takes longer because you are going against the current and the opposite when you are going down stream. I knew my pilot training would come in handy some day. Good flying!

  4. Hi i don’t understand fanciers thinking just training in one direction to me it makes them think it has
    nothing to do with race all birds get blown off course from time to time also i have trained in all
    directions old and young birds and it never hurt them also in the UK you can have birds flying
    north and south road the same birds i think fanciers just get things in there minds how birds
    fly and they don’t fly in a straight line to begin with and i have train in the opposite direction
    to shake them up during the season and it works.

  5. I will only train my birds on the line of flight.If that means they will fly into the wind then great.But I’m not interested in training my birds off the line of flight just to train into the wind.Nor to teach my birds to home from other directions.If they overfly the loft,then they are beat anyway.

  6. I have done this practice in the past, I believe this good training into the wind. Anyone can train with the wind, but I believe that if the birds get a hard one on race day it won’t hurt them and they will get home better than the birds which have trained with the wind.

  7. Hi i think most fanciers that train there birds will train them in the wind many times during the season
    also they will get lots of races with head winds i think this is a very good thing at times.

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