*Video* Parasite Prevention for your Racing Pigeons

*Video* Parasite Prevention for your Racing Pigeons

Here is another great video from Lavender Hill Lofts. This video is about how to give Permethrin to prevent lice, mites and mosquito from biting your birds. So go ahead and watch the video by clicking the play button below.

I recommend all fanciers to us Permethrin to prevent lice, mites and mosquito from biting your birds stopping the transmission of disease such as Pox to your flock. A little bit of Permethrin goes along way so only use a teaspoon per spray bottle. Spray under both wings, both legs and feet and the birds vent. Permethrin give your birds a 6month reprieve from biting insects. I also recommend spraying the inside of your nest boxes and all the nooks and crannies in your loft. A must have product! -Lavender Hill Lofts

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4 thoughts on “*Video* Parasite Prevention for your Racing Pigeons

  1. What can be used for fly’s? I have tried all sorts of remedies from tractor supply,fly strips, liquid jugs posted around the loft as well as the yellow strips in each pen.

  2. I have used the Johsons powder containing Permethrin uder the pigeons wings and this is available in the UK and it is very good, the only thing is with powder it is best if after you apply the powder that you basket the birds so they cannot fly about and disperse it from under the wings.
    I have also used cream containing Permethrin used for treating scabies in humans as this cures the pigeon of Itch mites that can get into the feathers on the birds crop and uder its throat.

    More recently I have turned to using Moxidectin to kill lice on pigeons as it also cleans them of worms except the tapeworm. Applied in the drinking fountain for 24 hours the birds are cured of worms except tapeworm and it cleans them of alllice and kills any pigeon flies that dare to bite the bird for 30 days or so later.

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