Racing Pigeons – A Short Documentary

Racing Pigeons – A Short Documentary

Here is a great short documentary showing Tom and Ian Dagnall at their pigeon lofts in Hesketh Bank, Southport. In this mini documentary you will look behind the minds of these two successful pigeon fanciers. Its a great little documentary that shows the life of a pigeon fancier and also shares a few tips and tricks of how these two fanciers have become so successful. Check it out by clicking the video above and enjoy the video!

Racing Pigeons – A Short Documentary

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4 thoughts on “Racing Pigeons – A Short Documentary

  1. i check all my e mails for pigeon insider look all videos all the stuff send my friends chris he teaching me a lots trips about feed the birds and take care about the pigeons health thanks chris

  2. You always find the greatest stuff! Thanks again for a really good website! Happy to be a member of the club!

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