**Video** Can GPS trackers save pigeon racing?

Can GPS trackers save pigeon racing? by BBC News

Can GPS trackers save pigeon racing? by BBC News

Pigeon fancying has been a staple of British culture for decades and even the Queen is known to send her royal pigeons into races.

But the sport has seen its popularity decline over the years with fewer young people showing an interest in breeding pigeons.

Technological advances could now reverse the trend and avid pigeon racers are already working with companies on introducing live GPS tracking to the sport, in the hope of attracting millions of pounds in online betting. The BBC’s Franz Strasser went to the largest pigeon fancier convention in Blackpool.

So we have to ask…

1. Do you think GPS tracking would help the sport?

2. Do you think it’s a good idea to incorporate online betting and betting in general into pigeon racing?

Post your thoughts and comments in the comments section below.

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11 thoughts on “**Video** Can GPS trackers save pigeon racing?

  1. i think gps and online betting would definately help the sport. one of the many reasons for the decline in pigeon racing such as lack of garden space in new builds youngsters more interested in video games etc is an ageing population of fanciers that are still stuck in the past and just dont like any change. you only have to look at all the arguments against ets clocking to see that, if they had their way we would still be running to the post office to verify a bird. the only way left to save the sport is to embrace new technology like other sports, gps and online betting would do that, it would bring the sport to the attention of a much wider audiance. and surely fanciers would still be able to sit in the garden and watch the birds home and even track the birds on their laptops, sounds exciting to me and im 62.

  2. I’m not a big fan of betting on da boids! “HOWEVER”! anything we can do to help bring folks in, and get them started is worth a try. Then,? we can help them understand all the great reasons we keep em!

  3. I’m not sure on this one.It sounds good in theory,But we all know what happens when big money is involved in the races.Pigeon racing is already becoming an expencive sport for the hobbyist,and if large prizes are involved,then it may be the final nail in the coffin for us guy’s on a budget.Once money takes over everything we love in the sport will change forever.But who knows,if the sport doesn’t change in some way,to attract new people then it’s doomed anyway.

  4. I Think when it comes to Money Races or Clubs and combines that may have cheating going on or stealing of a good looking pigeons GPS System would Discourage That from Happening or even a lost bird being throne in a breeding loft that trap.We all have trap a visitor from time to time how many of us actually get it back or try to get it back to the owner I have way too many birds on race day or any day, I want to see my birds trapping, I have know room for anyone’s birds.
    I say implement GPS System in Racing

    1. Hi Andy i don’t see where GPS is going to solve your problem you must live in a big area where
      there are a lot of birds so i see this as your problem it also won’t stop you from getting stray pigeons.
      You can use a sattenete for a dropper and train your birds more to trap that means feeding a bit of
      barley and putting them back in the crate again for another toss for short races don’t feed heavy on
      shipping day for the short races Brad.

  5. If you wanna have had a chance to save pigeon hobby stop looking and thinkin’ about that like a sort of businness.

  6. Hi Chris i don’t think GPS is going to help our sport.To me a lot of the problem in young birds is
    shipping sick birds YBS over crowding and to much medication used when not needed.If you look
    at the losses in The Uk An out break of Pmv in Wales this year i think that tells the story Brad.

  7. The decline comes from people have the desire but there’s not many places you can put a coop any more. I live in the Bronx New York and I can’t find a place to put a coop. And concerning these races if birds are being lost at such a large number that means the distances are to far. I hear these stories about birds not coming back, hawks, nets, injuries etc. The birds don’t need to be subject to all of that just to win a race. I wouldn’t race a bird in these modern conditions then lose him/her. Good birds cost money you have to put time into them train them they are not cars a tire blows out and you throw it in the garbage. Lets take better care of these pets.

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