Race Feed Recipe For Racing Pigeons

Racing Pigeon Race Feed by Lavender Hill Lofts

I have had a lot of people call and ask me what I feed my racing pigeons particularly my racers and I wanted to show you the mix that I feed. This is a mix that is based off of American fancier Bruce Gordon from Seattle Washington. It is 1/3 whole corn, 1/3 safflower and 1/3 breeding mix with no corn and in my breeding mix which I get from Brown’s is Canadian peas, winter wheat, Kafir, Milo, Australian peas, maple peas, safflower, brown rice and common vetch. And to that I add a little bit of hemp and a little bit of trapping mix which I also get from Brown’s which contains rape seed, canary seed and cabbage seed.

I feed this mix to my racing pigeons when their racing every single day I sometimes add a little barley just to use as a gauge. This is a high carb, high fat diet and with this you are going to want to be loft flying a minimum of an hour a day if not more and or road training. It’s my belief the reason you see a lot of lofts drop off after the first 200 or 300 miles is because they are not feeding enough fat. This mix here is cheap and is full of the right types of fat and if you add a safflower or peanut oil to this mix 2 to 3 days a week you will be ensuring that your pigeons have enough energy in the tank to win races and to come home in race time.

Racing Pigeon Race Feed by Lavender Hill Lofts

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4 thoughts on “Race Feed Recipe For Racing Pigeons

  1. Sense you recommend Lavender Lofts videos all the time. You should have him show us some of his accomplishments from using his so called methods. Like show us some of his different race winning diplomas or something to backup his claims. Just because he can post videos on YouTube, doesn’t mean he should.

  2. Hello Drew,
    Perhaps you can give me some guidance on a proper customized pigeon mix. I fly my homers 2 maybe three times
    a week when I can out fox the coopers which are
    prevalent. Ive been feeding them a store bought mix of
    17%. Is that to high a protein content? What is more suitable
    mix.You don’t happen to have your own secret mix that you
    are willing to make public do you?
    I do not race these birds Im just a backyard flyer who enjoys
    as much flying them as on the ground.
    Appreciate any feed back concerning this matter.

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