*Video* China’s Million Dollar Pigeon Sport

*Video* China’s Million Dollar Pigeon Sport

Pigeon racing is a big business in China, Racing pigeons are the new thoroughbreds here, with birds auctioned for hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece and races netting millions for the championship flock. This documentary takes us behind the scenes of the Pigeon Racing scene in China and we meet some colorful characters in the sport.

*Video* China’s Million Dollar Pigeon Sport

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10 thoughts on “*Video* China’s Million Dollar Pigeon Sport

  1. Interesting how the owner of the racing pigeon club seems to always win the big money. But then again, China dose produce counterfeit race pigeon bands, rfid bands, and entry stamps. As long as you have a bird in the race an a bird at home with the same band number same rfid number and same feather stamp, how could you lose. Distance x ypm = time to clock the bird in hand.

  2. The video would be a lot better if the commentator wasn’t such a snobby jerk. He was laughing behind the Racers backs and couldn’t care less about pigeons. Needs a good smack in the mouth. Jack

  3. I enjoyed that,looks like they have some damn nice birds over there.From what I could see,it looks like they care about their birds very much.The birds look in top condition and some very nice specimens.The guys with all the money,may only be in it for the money,but the guys looking after the birds seem just as keen as in any other country.Tell you what,I wouldn’t mind going over there and being a loft manager for a rich guy who can afford the best birds,med’s,and lofts money can buy,just so I could see what I could achieve with the very best.At the end of the day,pigeon racing is the same everywhere you go.Only one bird will win and the basket has no friends.

    1. Hi Alister its not the guys looking after the pigeons that bother me and flying over there is not
      the same as other countries not for me.Brad.

      1. Hi Brad,I’m not trying to ruffle any feathers bro,but before we judge what goes on in other countries we should try and clean up the mess in our own backyard.I recommend you read a book written by Andrew d. Blechman.The book title Pigeons.I was Horrified to read about the fate of hundreds of lost racing pigeons and ,wild pigeons,where clubs trap and shoot these birds in the name of sport.The poor souls wait in traps,and when released on demand they are shot to pieces before they even know which way they are headed.Shit like this makes me sick.Anyway I’m just saying there is plenty we can find wrong in all countries.

        1. Hi Alister i never said you were maybe i should have said it is China we are talking
          about.And your right we all need to clean up our own back yards first plenty of work
          to be done there example help a new flier i know some that will and others that won’t
          i don’t know about where you live but the sport of pigeon racing is dying not any young
          members in my club the odd forty and up is all we are getting we need to help are selves but a lot of fliers can’t see the forest for the trees.Regards Brad.

  4. Hi Chris the pigeon racing sport in china disgust me not just the money the pirates and they
    don’t care about there pigeons from what i can see and that was some guy doing the video
    where did they find him.Also we have rich people that help these people in north america
    that enter there races and also sell them birds for big money its not just Belgium and holland
    selling them pigeons this whole scene is bad for our sport and is helping to kill our sport well
    people become rich soon pigeons to buy will be out of reach for most of us they are getting
    that way already thank god there are still some good people left in the world i wish this night
    mare would go away but its to late for that Brad.

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