Vaccinating a Racing Pigeon Subcutaneously

Vaccinating a Racing Pigeon Subcutaneously by Slobberknocker Lofts

There are two ways to vaccinate a racing pigeon. One is subcutaneously in the back of the neck. To vaccinate this way, lay the racing pigeon across your lap, holding the bird gently but securely (you may need to get help with this) and gently spread the feathers as shown in the picture below. Spray or dab rubbing alcohol on the bare spot.

vaccinating a racing pigeon 1

Then gently pull up on the skin, making a pocket. Inject the vaccine into this pocket with the needle pointing towards the birds head. (pictured below)

vaccinate a racing pigeon 2

**Please note**, vaccinating in the back of the neck can be very risky and should ONLY be done if the bird is securely restrained. In the area of the base of the neck of a Pigeon is a large number of blood vessels. PMV vaccine is an oil-based vcaccine and, if it enters the blood stream, will kill a Pigeon in seconds.**

pigeon vaccination

Vaccinating a Racing Pigeon Subcutaneously by Slobberknocker Lofts

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One thought on “Vaccinating a Racing Pigeon Subcutaneously

  1. I vaccinated my own for the first time this season and without problems but my method differed from the photo in two ways;
    1. kept the bird with head up towards me and tail pointing down towards ground and away from me
    2. inserted needle from direction of head and towards tail
    Easily done on one’s own

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