*Video* Giving Iodine to your Racing Pigeons

Giving Iodine to your Racing Pigeons

Lugol’s Iodine is necessary in avian nutrition and supplementation is desirable. It should be administered one (1) day a week at one (1) Teaspoon per gallon, and during the racing season I recommend it is used the day after the race. Additional benefits are: LUGOLS is a disinfectant, and will help in the prevention of diseases, improves egg hatchability and it also stimulates the thyroid gland, which produces a hormone called “thyroxine” essential for body and mental development.

Giving Iodine to your Racing Pigeons by Lavender Hill Lofts

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6 thoughts on “*Video* Giving Iodine to your Racing Pigeons

  1. Come on Chris, you really think this is a good video to share. After all it’s your reputation on the line. Just because Lavender loft can post videos on YouTube doesn’t mean that he should. He thinks he’s a known it all, but honestly he doesn’t have a clue.

  2. This is all good and well – Sure – 1 time a week — lets see…. putting this in the water 1 time per week will bump one of the other 15 or so “1 time a week” other things down on the list… it would be nice if someone would actually put a list of things together that could be combined… like say, Iodine can go with Apple Cider Vinegar and vitamins and electrolites (if theyreally can). That would be very helpful.
    The list of things to put in the water “1 Time per WeeK” — well is seems like it takes two or more weeks to get down the list.
    Your thoughts?

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