*Video* John Glemser’s Loft Management



Hey, this is an excellent video from John Glemser, he gives us a run down of what his loft management looks like and the products that he uses in his loft. If you have any questions or comments be sure to post them and John will try to answer them for you.

John Glemser’s Loft Management *Video* by John Glemser

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33 thoughts on “*Video* John Glemser’s Loft Management

  1. Hi John
    I’m not sure if the email address I have of yours works.
    Could you please contact me on my email address.

  2. Hi a very astute man with a good understanding of mainly caring for his birds. some excellant tips and reinforcement of some already odopted practices,the standed food mixes available do not give the birds what they need, so you have to know where to start and give them the most important thing Diagestion stabilty and products in the seed mix to enable them to excerise and get FIT and the food gives them constant reserve build up in muscels and liver. regards in sport Ray

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