*Video* John Glemser’s Loft Management



Hey, this is an excellent video from John Glemser, he gives us a run down of what his loft management looks like and the products that he uses in his loft. If you have any questions or comments be sure to post them and John will try to answer them for you.

John Glemser’s Loft Management *Video* by John Glemser

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33 thoughts on “*Video* John Glemser’s Loft Management

  1. Hi John my breeders also get a treatment before breeding i use 4in one for seven days and then
    Primalac for seven days and vitamins in the Primalac during this period for a few days Brad.

  2. As I’ve said before, management and feeding is top of having a excellent season. Second to that, eliminate over crowding. Third to that, only put the best of the best together in your breeding loft. By these three as far as I know, my birds is always in the top 5 in Fed, Combine and national races. It is not anyone that can boast and say ” I’ve got the 5 first places in 1 federation race, 4 in combine races and 2 in national races with cocks only”. No hens. Yet I don’t class my self as successful and I am always open ears to those who’s pigeon came first in such tough competition and not to the second placed fancier. So the listening and the reading of this artical is extremely good advice to me and all the rookies in racing pigeon world. Thank you very much for your brilliant service to the pigeon world Chris!!!

  3. Hi, i was jus wondering, when you say that you dont clean your loft. What do have on the floor? thanks

  4. i’m happy to hear from expert, what are the medicine for coccidiosis, e-coli, mycoplasma, one eye cold, canker, and what medicine for paramyxovirus ? thank you

    1. For canker ronidazole 15%
      for coccid corid bay cox sulmet
      for paramyx pmv
      for e-coli parastop also good for adeno
      young bird sicknes&salmonllose.if you are geting one eye colds you have a druaff in your loft

  5. good point but i do not believe in treatments, unless they show signs that they are ill that’s the time i only medicate my birds, strengthening their immunity is my preventive treatment.

  6. Thanks for the video,I really enjoy learning from other fanciers methods.But I personally don’t give my birds medication unless they need it.Check droppings under microscope and only treat if results are positive,especially just before breeding,if you give your birds medication this will kill off the bacteria that your young birds should be being past on from the parents in balanced numbers so as to build a strong natural immunity to.Medication will disrupt the healthy balance.I believe this is why so many fanciers have trouble with cancer in the breeding season due to over use of cancer medication in the racing season.My stock birds hardly ever get medication apart from wormer which is also used to kill mites and lice,and my chicks have strong immunity bred into them from parents with strong immunity.I can’t understand this idea fanciers have that they should give treatment for this and that before they pair up their birds.Why give respiratory medication unless they have a resident chlamydia problem,or cancer medication unless they have a resident wet cancer problem otherwise your only lowering the level of immunity your birds have built.But I like your use of probiotics and apple cider vinegar,garlic,vitamines,etc.Good work.

  7. hi sir chris and sir john glemser, this video is great and thanks for sharing your best tips ang knowledge..for me this video is verry informative.. i have a question hope you answer my my questions, here>
    is this possible charcoal someday getting toxic respiratory pigeon?
    because since i ahve pigeon i do not use the charcoal and i have friend
    here in philippines, he gave me the tips use the charcoal. so if ok to use the
    charcoal or not pls give the rigth trategy how to use this and i remember regarding chlorine is geting toxic to pigeon.. i wish you share your knowledge regarding to use the charcoal.. thanks and god bless you.happy racing.

    1. frist thing let the water set over night be for you give birds that will let the chlorine out of the water as far as charcoal gos one can one tea spoon thats 16/0z can

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