Basketing Racing Pigeons – Stress Free Method

Hey friends,

I wanted to post this really great video that I came across that shows a fantastic stress-free method for basketing your pigeons. Most of it is due to the design of the loft which is extremely efficient in limiting stress on the pigeons as well as the fanciers, and the relationship these fanciers have with their birds.

The loft is the pigeons home and naturally home should feel relaxed, comfortable and safe and this method for basketing ensures that the birds continue to feel that way even after basketing. If your thinking of building a loft or in the middle of building one I highly recommend cloning this design. Check it out below and enjoy!


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11 thoughts on “Basketing Racing Pigeons – Stress Free Method

  1. I don’t like the idea i like to handle my birds before going in the basket for training or for
    shipping for a race.A few years ago i use to basket my birds the night before my friends
    would pick them up in my garage because i was working i handled every bird as i put
    them in the baskets also fanciers don’t realize that a bird can hit something in the loft
    always check your birds first.

  2. Good idea if you have a lot of birds but i still enjoy catching my birds before basketing also to see for any injuries, and the birds become tame aswell.Not something new

  3. Many use this method but, as already commented on, an exit in each section would reduce stress.
    I don’t have as many birds so still catch each one by darkening the loft and so rarely are the birds stressed. They then get used to me and I can examine each one for feather and body damage, for health including lice, for weight/fat etc and to check wing stamp.

    1. Fully agree with Wayne, and over and above how do one see the condition of your birds if you do not handle them?

  4. I like seeing anyone’s loft and set-up. A video is far better than a picture or written description. Thanks for showing the basketing technique. Very beneficial for large amounts of birds or a quick basketing of smaller amounts for the working man not yet retired who wants to take them to the job. Nice sections and I love the hatch right under the door.

  5. This is not a new idea,but is a good one.I think if it’s about limiting stress,then they should go one better and have a separate door in each section for basketing instead of chasing the birds through the loft from section to section.But we get the general idea,thanks.

    1. I agree Alister, I’ve seen this method a long time ago, nothing new or innovative. I don’t mean to be a troll.

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