*Video* Evaluating Pigeons

Here’s an excellent video from Dr. John Lamberton, he gives us an overview of what to look for when evaluating our pigeons in our hands and how to pick the best racers possible.

Some key points to look for,

  • Feel for bouyancy
  • Feel for feather thickness and roundness of the wing
  • Flat breast
  • Feathers should be silky and smooth
  • Wing should be proportionate to the body size of the pigeon
  • Look for long thin flight feathers
  • Vent should be against the keel bone and keel bone should be about the length of the inside of your fingers.
  • Roundness of the head and wattle should be proportionate to the head
  • Length of the arm bone

Lamberton Tip: handle birds who have raced well and take note of characteristics of those birds. Close your eyes when handling your birds or handle them at night so you get used to evaluating your birds with your hand.

Evaluating Pigeons by Dr. John Lamberton

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