Where Pigeons Go To Die

Where Pigeons Go To Die is a Sentimental drama about an aging man’s fond reminiscences of his relationship with his grandfather in 1950 Midwest and the time they spent together raising racing pigeons. Click the play button below to watch it now (Run Time 1:31:56)

Where Pigeons Go to Die is a 1990 made-for-television film written and directed by Michael Landon based on the novel by R. Wright Campbell. The film score was composed by Leonard Rosenman..The film stars Art Carney and was nominated for two Emmy awards: Outstanding Cinematography for a Miniseries or a Special (Haskell B. Boggs) Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Special (Art Carney)
Most of the crew was taken from Landon’s three previous television shows.. The film was shot in and around Lawrence, Kansas and Overland Park, Kansas, and was the last Michael Landon production for NBC.

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6 thoughts on “Where Pigeons Go To Die

  1. This is a fantastic movie full of emotion and love between a grandfather and grandson. Equally as important it shows the great bond that exists between a flyer and his pigeons. How wonderful to see that passed down to the next generation even though it did skip one. I recommend everyone to watch this movie and be prepared to tear up through most of it.

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