“American Pigeon Racing” Documentary


One of the best pigeon presenters known to history Toni Melucci introduces this documentary film that will captivate the avid pigeon racing fancier. This video takes us all around the Gulf Coast of Florida and west of the Mississippi River to the Southern wards of New Orleans. A passionate Fancier, who serves as a law enforcement officer relates how his pigeon keeping passion helps him cope with the stresses of his occupation. A farmer in South Georgia who recently walked about from game cocks explains how pigeon racing is a real sport and how many like him are stepping away from that hobby and entering a real sporting passion. From Police officers, to farmers to retired ones and even working class folks enjoy their passion for pigeons with you. A first time pigeon fly in Cairo Georgia has his young bird team in top condition, thanks to the modern tools and sportsmanship of many. What was once considered secrets, is now available for all to see. From a breeding program to young bird loft designs, this documentary is a wealth of knowledge.

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