Glemser Tip: Breed Your Birds Early

Glemser Tip: Breed Your Birds Early

I get the birds to go down in mid November,those eggs are thrown away on the 25th of November.  Reason being,when you first put your breeders together,some people don’t have seperate pens to mate them in.  Then there are sometimes fights,and you never know who is jumping who.  By November 25th every pair is down, those eggs are destroyed.

I want the 1st round all to go down together, They all lay together and all hatch together. Your young ones are all the same age, never add young ones to them.  I start teaching them from the egg.  Everytime I feed the breeders, I blow a whistle. The young ones get to know this from the time they are in the egg.

This gives me control over the youngsters from day one till forever.  When you wean the younsters,you lock them out in the flypen after a few days.  From that day on whenever you feed you blow the whistle and the birds are all through the trap in seconds.  Even when you first let them out to settle them you will be amazed when you blow your whistle the babies atomatically come flying through the trap.

Glemser Tip: Breed Your Birds Early by John Glemser

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