Glemser Tip: Breed Your Birds Early

Glemser Tip: Breed Your Birds Early

I get the birds to go down in mid November,those eggs are thrown away on the 25th of November.  Reason being,when you first put your breeders together,some people don’t have seperate pens to mate them in.  Then there are sometimes fights,and you never know who is jumping who.  By November 25th every pair is down, those eggs are destroyed.

I want the 1st round all to go down together, They all lay together and all hatch together. Your young ones are all the same age, never add young ones to them.  I start teaching them from the egg.  Everytime I feed the breeders, I blow a whistle. The young ones get to know this from the time they are in the egg.

This gives me control over the youngsters from day one till forever.  When you wean the younsters,you lock them out in the flypen after a few days.  From that day on whenever you feed you blow the whistle and the birds are all through the trap in seconds.  Even when you first let them out to settle them you will be amazed when you blow your whistle the babies atomatically come flying through the trap.

Glemser Tip: Breed Your Birds Early by John Glemser

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22 thoughts on “Glemser Tip: Breed Your Birds Early

  1. when we saw the first round of egg, we will recognize it if its good or bad. its depend to the fanciers if he knows how to recognize a good and healthy egg. peace out.

  2. Ive learn something from this page,and thank you very much to share your knowledge to those who want to learm more about pigeon,im a pigeon lover and i keep pigeon so many year but i still need to learn more about pigeon,i have so many race to compete before,sometimes ill win sometimes ill lose,thanks for sharing your idea. thanks a lot ED,Fr.philippines.

  3. I think it is a mistake to smash the first round off egges ,Because i have manny winners from the first round .In australia we pair up in October in the wormer part off the year.Not to sure off wistling to the stock birds with eggs ??.every boddy to there owen system
    Thanks TREV

  4. There are two reasons John Glemser is giving for destoying the first round. First to assure the proper parents are in fact the parents and second, to me just as important, is that all eggs will hatch the same time or at least within a few days of each other. This is very important when racing. To have a team that is all the same age is alot easier to handle than different age groups. Thanks again John.

  5. Very interesting comments concerning what John has to say about destroying the first round.

    I do understand the point about not knowing for sure the true parents of the new birds. I also think accurate recording keeping can save a lot of frustration and head-aces in the long run. For if we are not sure who the real cock and hen are, we are only fooling our selves. I have seen where a pair just got done mating and as soon as the cock jumped off, another one jumped right on the same hen…and that can’t be a good thing.

  6. Makes perfect sense to start as early as possible. Training with a whistle or what ever you do to let the birds know they are to be fed, must be done every time. Constantly repeating this will only train them better and lock it in their minds.

  7. i totally agree with andy, not suggesting by all means John is incorrect…this is so graet about pigeon racing what works for the one does not neccasarily means it will work for the other, however a few latebreads in the loft makes a huge difference

  8. I think it is a mistake to destroy the first round. First round is always the strongest and if you are going to get a second and third round out of these birds…. the breeders as well as the babies may be weaker.

    1. Andy if your birds get weaker breeding second and third rounds some thing is not right .I flew a hen on her third round from stock loft with babys 3 weeks old she won a first 150 mile and 200 mile back to back with to days traning call club sec.he saw it call rich underwood 856-456-9130 birds band if 11 soj 6499 bb hen

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