*Video* Giving Calcium to Your Racing Pigeons

*Video* Giving Calcium to Your Racing Pigeons

Calcium is very important for all animals, especially for racing pigeons during breeding. Here is a great video from our friends at Lavender Hill Lofts showing a very good Calcium additive that they use to give to their birds.

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6 thoughts on “*Video* Giving Calcium to Your Racing Pigeons

  1. Just because people can post videos, doesn’t always mean that they should. If you keep oyster shell grit in front of your birds, there’s no need for this nonsense. Pigeon are smart creatures. They know when they need calcium and when it’s not as important.

  2. Ok with the calcium however, leaving water overnight is a myth, after consulting a scientific research project the only chemical that can possibly evaporate from water is choline, Nothing else. Calcium nullifies antibiotics that why grit is withheld

  3. All to well, but forgot to mention the quantity of the water, 1 Desert spoon to how much water ????? typical that how one confuses the biguiners.
    Well done Lavender Lofys

  4. excellent tip,great you show the way to do this.coppersmith lofts of upstate new york

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