Meet The Pigeon Lady

The Pigeon Lady of New York City

I found this video that I thought you would enjoy, it shows Alayne Patur Salahuddeen better known as “The Pigeon Lady of NYC”. She takes us into the world of urban pigeon keeping on the rooftops of New York City, sorta like how my uncle got started raising pigeons. Go ahead and check the vid out below I think your gonna find it interesting.


Meet the Pigeon Lady, an East Village pigeon fancier who’s been stealing pigeons from prized coops for nearly a decade. From drug dealers using pigeons to carry illicit messages to bird wars and the sociopaths who fight them, the Pigeon Lady breaks down the New York City pigeon scene and explains where exactly to find it.

Up until the 80s pigeon racing was primarily a “made man’s” sport and a relatively common site around New York, but as the size of the Italian Mafia began to dwindle so did the amount of pigeon fanciers and the amount of pigeon wars. Theres still a notable amount of flocks in the East Village but most of today’s culture thrives in the outer boroughs where new generations of mostly Spanish fanciers hold pigeon auctions where birds are bought and sold for thousands of dollars.

The Pigeon Lady (Alayne Patur Salahuddeen) grew up in the East Village in a building her father, jazz musician Muhammad Salaahuddeen, used as an underground squat and afterhours saloon for touring jazz musicians. Alyne started collecting and racing pigeons on a suggestion from an old boyfriend and today her East Village rooftop coop fluxuates between 200 and 300 birds. If you happen to be in Tompkins Square Park, just before dusk, look up on the corner of 7th Street and admire the sight.

Meet the Pigeon Lady of New York City

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20 thoughts on “Meet The Pigeon Lady

  1. I had this one experience when i first crossed paths with the “Pigeon Lady” when i was a very young child. When I first saw her she was covered almost from head to toe with pigeons. It totally freaked me out. It’s strange I never remembered this experience, but my mom retold it to me when i was older. In a way it did sense why i was afraid of Pigeons until a i grew older.

  2. I think pigeon lady was good it just goes to show people know matter what we have we can all enjoy pigeons in some way and its probably kept her off the streets in a good way Brad.

  3. Good memories. My late cousin and I Flew flights and tipplers(tippletts) on 5th street between avenue B&C in the late sixties just a few blocks from her. Pigeon petshop back then was on 9th street. feed was $8.00 for a 100lb bag.We sold stray birds that we caught on our roof for 35 cents. If we caught enough we would trade for feed. There are still a few coops around. Mostlyin Brooklyn they still have the sky wars. See movie “Up on the Roof” a film about family,community & pigeons.

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  5. I wish I could have a coop on my roof in Inwood, upper Manhattan., but my landlord wouldn’t go for it. Glad to see there are still people raising pigeons in Manhatan.

  6. Dude! as one “Christopher” to another! thank you! Once again you have shown that while racers are your #1 passion, you still enjoy & respect all forms of “pigeoneers”! As I’ve said before when you have asked questions about “what” kind of breeds we have had? Or are we “pigeon experts”?, I have had flights-rollers & tipplers too! Along with everything else at one time or another! And being an ex-north Jerseyite, raised a stones throw from da big apple. How can I not appreciate a woman from “The City” who flies da boids!?! Thanks! and “don’t mess with Chris”! Ours is a big brotherhood! Chris Rock, our crazy old uncle Christopher Walkin,Christopher Columbus,departed, but not forgotten, Chris Reeves,….

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