*Amazing Video* Pigeon Liberation

Here is an amazing video of around 6,000 racing pigeons bursting forth from the Central Cumberland Racing Pigeon Federation’s truck at Crookhaven Heads, near Culburra Beach on the south coast of NSW, Australia. In difficult, strong windy conditions the pigeons eventually headed back north to their various lofts in Sydney.

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15 thoughts on “*Amazing Video* Pigeon Liberation

  1. that was our 1st race in 2010 in south route..and that was my great year in pigeon racing.. won few good races except the last race 500mls a lot of birds didnt make it home..

    1. Michael, you seem to miss a lot of races. If 2010 was your best season i suggest you need to make friends with better flyers outside of your club.

      Sid Gard,Graham Cook .Tony and Luke Sienkiewicz all have good pigeons are guys that you make friends with, They are all good flyers.

  2. Great video,I enjoyed that,thanks.This is where the fuel stored in the white muscle fibres is used,for these rapid bursts of speed,then once burnt up they switch to fuel stored in the red muscle fibres for the long flight home.

  3. I am amazed at speed at which those birds left the release point it was seconds maby 15 for the most. is that normal or only with large releases,i would love to get a pair of them but i live way down in Trinidad & Tobago in the West Indies. that mayby costly.

  4. Like the lady said WOW!! I just love these birds : ) May they all reach there homes and the people that love them. I loved this video! Thank you for this!

  5. With that amount of pigeon dust floating around those guys should be wearing dust masks, I would be coughing a fair bit, bad for your health.


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