Pigeon Racing – A Number’s Game? Part 1

Pigeon Racing OvercrowdingPigeon racing winning is about having the best most optimal birds to race with. For the last 5 years I’ve spent a great deal of my time in painstaking research trying to find the elusive details about individual pigeons that have been found to score in the top 2 percentile at least two times in international races. My results have been worth the work and I’ve discovered that although the work has been exhausting, the results I’ve found are incredible.

When looking for a good pigeon you have to consider the condition of the loft it came/comes from. You also need to consider the health of the loft and how it’s run. I’ve found that some of the most optimal pigeons for racing tend to be found like a needle in a haystack- the haystack being some of the relatively small, most unlikely of lofts!

A bonus that tends to yield from this type of research is that you come to realize that lofts with a lot of pigeons or that send a great deal of the pigeons out to the races, tend to have less multi- performing pigeons pro rata with the multitude of pigeons sent out. What this means is that the lofts that tend to have a multitude of different pigeons in one place tend to be counter productive.

Although they will likely have a number of high performing pigeons, the ratio between how many pigeons are in one loft and another with a less constrictive group are far different. What this means is that the more pigeons you put in a loft the less efficient it becomes. Think about putting people into a room, the more people you put in there the less tolerable they become of one another and the conditions become cramped and annoying.

To the pigeons this can cause depression, aggravation, and a less likely chance they will perform well. Moral of the story is if you want more quality top performing pigeons then you will want to keep the numbers of pigeons in a loft to a good ratio with the space, other pigeons in the loft, and to assure conditions are ripe for making them comfortable enough to “spread their wings and fly”!

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